Khawthlangtuipui River

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Khawthlangtuipui river
Country Bangladesh, India
Main source Saitah village in Mamit district

The Khawthlangtuipui also known as the Karnaphuli is a river of Mizoram, northeastern India. It is said to "represent the drainage system of the whole south western part of Mizoram."[1] The source of the river it at Saitah village in Mamit district.[1] It flows in a southerly direction[2] along the border with Bangladesh at flows into that country at Tlabung. Principal tributaries include the Kawrpui River or Thega River, Tuichawng River and Phairuang River.[1]

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Coordinates: 22°55′45″N 92°23′11″E / 22.9293°N 92.3863°E / 22.9293; 92.3863