Khazar University

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Khazar University
Xəzər Universitəsi
Motto “Always leading the way”
Type Private
Chairman Professor Hamlet Isakhanli
President Dr. Hassan Niknafs
Academic staff
Students 2500
Location Baku, Azerbaijan
Language English
Khazar University seal.png

Khazar University Azerbaijani: Xəzər Universiteti, which directly translates as Caspian University is a private university located in Baku, Azerbaijan.[1]


Khazar University owns three campuses in the city of Baku.

  • Neftchilar Campus – located near the Neftchilar metro station. Address: 41 Mahsati St, AZ 1096
  • Downtown Campus – located in downtown Baku near the Nizami metro station. Address: 122 Bashir Seferoghlu St., AZ 1009
  • Binagadi Campus – New education complex for “Dunya” School, also Khazar University School of Education`s Internship Center, Sports Center, Dormitory and Technopark

Background information[edit]

Founder of Khazar University, Hamlet Isakhanli

Founded in 1991 by Prof. Hamlet Isakhanli ([1]), the University became one of the first private universities in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia and the first in Azerbaijan to introduce Western-style, research-oriented higher education. Isakhanli formed Khazar in the interest of reforming the previous, sometimes corrupt system of higher education under Soviet rule.[2][3][4] For more information on education system in Azerbaijan, read:

1. Hamlet Isakhanli. In Search of Khazar. Khazar University Press, Baku, 2006.[5]

2. Hamlet Isakhanli. Education System in Transition Economy: A View from Azerbaijan. Khazar University Press, Baku, 2007.[6]

Academic information[edit]

In Azerbaijan, Khazar University is recognized for providing innovative Western-style education on all levels: undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral.[7] It also runs a lab school (Dunya School) with programs on kindergarten, elementary and secondary school levels.

Khazar University has a faculty of about 250 lecturers, many of whom were educated and/or trained in Europe or the United States. Khazar University is the pioneer in Azerbaijan of a flexible student-centered credit accumulation system. Khazar’s curricula aim to meet the standards of top universities in advanced industrialized democracies. The primary language of instruction at Khazar is English. These factors aim to increase the academic and professional opportunities for the students and train them to work in a globalizing international environment.

There are four schools (colleges) operating within Khazar University:
1 School of Engineering and Applied Science
2 School of Economics and Management
3 School of Humanities and Social Science
4 School of Education

Notable alumni[edit]


The university is a member of the Caucasus University Association.[8]


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