Khemis Miliana

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Khemis Miliana
خميس مليانة
City and Common
Skyline of Khemis Miliana
Nickname(s): ⵅⵎⵉⵙ ⵎⴻⵍⵢⴰⵏⴰ
Motto: Khemis Miliana
DZ 44 Khemis Miliana.svg
Khemis Miliana is located in Algeria
Khemis Miliana
Khemis Miliana
Coordinates: 36°16′N 2°12′E / 36.26°N 2.20°E / 36.26; 2.20
Country Algeria
Province Aïn Defla Province
District Khemis Miliana District
Population (2008[1])
 • Total 84,574
Time zone West Africa Time (UTC+1)

Khemis Miliana (Arabic: خميس مليانة‎‎) is a town in northern Algeria of around 84,574 inhabitants. It is a university town located 110 kilometers west of Algiers. It was known as Malliana in Roman times, then Affreville during the French colonial era. It should not be confused with the larger city of Miliana nearby.

The Diocese of Malliana is a titular see of the Roman Catholic Church of which Khemis Miliana was the episcopal seat.


Khemis Miliana 2015

Khemis-Miliana has an important geostrategic location. It is crossed by the RN 4 and the East–West Highway. A new highway will link the town of Khemis-Miliana with Bordj Bouarreridj in eastern Algeria. This project will alleviate the pressure of the Algiers and Mitija highways.


During the Roman Empire there was a Roman town called Malliana, located near Malliana.

In 1848, the French government decided to give this hamlet, the name of Affreville, named after Monsignor Denis Auguste Affre Archbishop of Paris, who died on the barricades. In 1872, the village became a town. In 1948 had a population of 12,061 inhabitants (2082 of whom were Europeans).

Khemis-Miliana took its current name in 1963, the year the city hosted the first international fair in Algeria.

Notable persons[edit]

Diocese of Malliana[edit]

The Diocese of Malliana (Latin: Dioecesis Mallianensis) is a diocese of the Roman Catholic Church in the Roman province of Mauretania Caesariensis. The current bishop is Bernd Uhl Joachim.[2][3]

Known bishops


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Coordinates: 36°16′N 2°13′E / 36.267°N 2.217°E / 36.267; 2.217