Kherson TV Tower

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Kherson TV Tower
Херсонська телевежа
Kherson TV Tower is located in Ukraine
Kherson TV Tower
Location within Ukraine
General information
TypeCommunications Tower
Telecommunication Tower
LocationKherson, Kherson Oblast, Ukraine
Coordinates46°38′24″N 32°37′36″E / 46.6400°N 32.6266°E / 46.6400; 32.6266Coordinates: 46°38′24″N 32°37′36″E / 46.6400°N 32.6266°E / 46.6400; 32.6266
Construction started1991
Antenna spire199.95 m (656 ft)
Roof189.89 m (623 ft)

Kherson TV Tower (Ukrainian: Херсонська телевежа "Kherson TV Tower") is a 200 m (656 ft) tall space framed Ukrainian truss communications tower that is made of steel.[1][2][3] The building is uniquely built, having been built by using the cross bracing system.[1] The tower is a truss TV tower, specifically, a Vierendeel truss tower, wherein a structure's members are not triangulated but form rectangular openings instead (see Vierendeel Truss).[1] The tower has an antenna that measures 199.95 m (656 ft) and a roof that measures 189.89 m (623 ft).[1][2] The tower, possessing a total height of 200 m (656 ft), is also considered the tallest structure in the whole oblast (province) of Kherson'ka.[1]


Although the exact date of the commencing of the tower's construction is unknown, construction of the Kherson TV Tower was begun in 1991 and finished after 14 years, to be exact, in 2005, in the city of Kherson, in Ukraine.[1]


View of the TV tower from the Dnieper river side

The Kherson TV Tower is situated in the city of Kherson, which in turn, is located in the oblast (province) of Kherson, in Ukraine, thus the name.[1][2][3]


Kherson (Ukrainian: Херсо́н; Russian: Херсо́н) is a city in southern Ukraine. It is the administrative center of the Kherson Oblast (province), and is designated as its own separate raion (district) within the oblast. Kherson is an important port on the Black Sea and Dnieper River, and the home of a major ship-building industry. The current estimated population is 329,000 (as of 2007).

Kherson Oblast[edit]

Kherson Oblast (Ukrainian: Херсонська область, translit. Khersons’ka oblast’; also referred to as KhersonshchynaUkrainian: Херсонщина) is an oblast (province) in southern Ukraine, just north of Crimea. Its administrative center is Kherson. The area of the region is 29000 km², its population (as of 1 May 2004) is 1.12 million.

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