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The Kheshgi or Kheshki is a Sarbani Pashtun tribe in Afghanistan and Pakistan.


According to Pashtun genealogy, Qais Abdur Rashid, the father of the Pashtuns, begat Sarban, who begat Kharshbun, who begat Zamand tribe. Zamand had a number of sons, including Kheshgi, who is the founder of the eponymous tribe, another son, Muhammad, founded the Muhammadzai (Charsadda) of Charsadda.[1]


Even in the 19th-century during the British administration of India, Kheshgi tribesmen were found in Kasur district scattered about the region and they call Kasuri Pathan. A more recent article also states that over the past few hundred years they have dispersed throughout South Asia, including the following places:[2]

  • Afghanistan: Darrah Ghorband, Ghorband District, Parwan Province.
  • Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: Tanda, Hero Daal, Dera Ismail Khan, Bannu, Lakki Marwat.Ghar/Mahallah Kheshki (Peshawar), Charsadda Khas,Nowshera and Hazarah.
  • Punjab Province: Kasur BahawalPur, Bahawalnagar, Multan.
  • India: Khurja

Culture and Society[edit]

Several British accounts state that the Kheshgi residing in Kasur hold pigeons in high esteem, for according to some Muslims they are a "Sayyid among birds", and killing them is hence forbidden.[3][4]

List of Kheshgis[edit]

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Mehmood Khan Kheshki and Shah Nazar Khan Kheshki were the great and popular generals of Mughal army

Arzani Kheshki was the great poet of Pushto history. He is the first ever poet in Pushto history having a Deewan of his own about Pushto poetry. Abdullah Khan Kheshki was also a famous Aalim and Mohaqqiq. Great sufi men includes Haji Gagan Shoryani Kheshki, Sheikh Wato Kheshki, Sheikh Ahmad Atozee Kheshki, Mian Channo Kheshki and Arzani Zerzee Kheshki. Dr Zakir Hussain (Former President of India) Sher Ali Khan ( A Great Pushtoo Poet) Dr. Maqsood ur Rehman Eshrat (Urdu Poet and Lecturer in Department of Pharmacy University of Malakand); Qamar-uz-Zaman Khan Pir Channo-zai Kheshgi (SP)


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