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Khevsurians in traditional dress (apr. 1900)

Khevsurians (Georgian: ხევსურები) are an ethnographical group of Georgians, mainly living in Khevsureti, on both sides of the Caucasus Mountain Chain in the watersheds of the rivers Aragvi and Argun. There are some villages in Khevi, Ertso-Tianeti, Kakheti (Shiraki), Kvemo Kartli (Gardabani) also where Khevsurians reside. Khevsurians speak the Georgian language in Khevsurian dialect. For a long time, Khevsurians have maintained their traditional culture: clothing, weapons, and polyphonic music.[1]

Khevsurians first are mentioned in the 10th-century manuscripts. In 1745 they were described by Vakhushti Bagrationi in his work Description of the Kingdom of Georgia.

Anthropologically Khevsurians have a slim, east Georgian type of face; due to harsh living conditions in mountain areas, many of them are thin. Khevsurians generally have light colored eyes and hair color ranging from blonde to brown.[citation needed]


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