Khiam detention center

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Al Khiam detention camp. Southern Lebanon, 2004.
Remains of the detention center after the 2006 war, behind UN tents
Cloth on barbed wire

The Khiam Detention Center, located near Khiam, Lebanon, was a French army barracks complex originally built in the 1930s. It became a base for the Lebanese army before falling under control of the South Lebanon Army (SLA) which was a group of collaborators who were trained and armed by the Israeli occupation and were branded as traitors by the Lebanese government. In 1985 the base was converted into a prison camp and remained in use until Israel’s withdrawal from Lebanon in May 2000, and the subsequent collapse of the SLA. After the withdrawal, the prison camp was preserved in the condition it was abandoned and converted into a museum by Hezbollah.

The Israeli Air Force destroyed the museum during the 2006 Lebanon War.

Amnesty International[1] and Human Rights Watch[2] reported the use of torture and other serious human rights abuses in the facility.

Israel has denied any involvement in Khiam, allegedly claiming to have delegated operation of the detention camp to the South Lebanon Army (SLA) as early as 1988.

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