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This is a Cambodian name; the family name is ខឹម.
ខឹម វាសនា (Khem Veasna)
President of the League for Democracy Party
Assumed office
26 June 2006
Preceded by Position established
Personal details
Born (1965-12-11) 11 December 1965 (age 51)
Prey Veng, Cambodia
Nationality Cambodian
Political party League for Democracy Party
Parents Khem Huot(father)
Sek Heng (mother)
Occupation Businessman
Website Khem Veasna

Khem Veasna (Listeni//[kʰɨm ʋiəhsnaː]; Khmer: ខឹម វាសនា; born December 11, 1965) is an orphan, former movie star, movie boss, writer, director, Law student, businessman, Cambodian politician, the founder of the League for Democracy Party,[1] former member of Sam Rainsy Party and Former representative based in Prey Veng constituency in the Cambodian National Assembly for 3rd in 2003, he is now the president of the League for Democracy Party (LDP). He is addressed by everybody as their relative “ Brother Veasna” or “ Uncle Veasna”.[citation needed]

Khem Veasna is a graduate of the Department of Media and Communication (RUPP) where he graduated and worked for one or two years. He is a graduate of the Royal University of Law and Economics where he served as president of term; played a role in solving the problem of studying. He graduated with a bachelor of law degree.[2]

In the engagement as a politician, initially, he was a member of the Sam Rainsy Party, listed of Representatives since 1998 but not elected, later elected as a representative in 2003, at that time he was 38 years old, then in 2006, also established their own party called the League for Democracy Party reached today.[3]

From 2005 to 2009, he was a speaker of the Training Development Organization. This organization was a part of the League For Democracy Party, and was closed by government.

Early life[edit]

Khem Veasna 011.jpg
Khem Veasna at the age of 18

Known as Pu Veasna, full name “Khem Veasna”. He was born on December 11, 1965, in Peanea village, Kdueng Reay commune, kanh chreak district, Prey Veng Province, to a farmers family with two children, one son and one daughter. His father was Khem Huot, a dentist. His mother was Sek Heng, also a dentist. When Veasna was eight years old, one night he asked his mother "Mom, Will you die when you're old?" His mother looked at him and said "Yes, I will." so "Where will you be waiting for me?" then Veasna slept and cried for a night.[4] His father died when he was 6 years old before the time of the Pol Pot regime. His mother died just 8 years ago. Khem Veasna's childhood coincides almost entirely with two eras: the first was the time of foreign invasion (1970-1975), and the second was the genocidal regime or the Angkar ( Khmer Rouge Regime), which was backed by foreign countries (1975-1979).

The Pol Pot regime fell in 1979, at the time Khem Veasna was 12 years old. Once a second garde pupil during the Lon Nol regime, he enrolled again in the same grade in 1981, after which he skipped to study in grade four, and later skipped again to study in grade seven, then finishing his secondary education ( Bacc II) in grade ten, having spent seven years as a pupil. Khem Veasna became a student of the Cinema Department of the Ministry of Propaganda and Information in 1986. Throughout his academic studies, he was a bright and outstanding student. At the first, he studied Camera Repairing and Maintenance, spending four years learning the discipline. Later, he worked for the Cinema Department for two years as a professional writer and film director. At that time, the school had no degrees for its graduates.

Art life[edit]

In 1988, he initially began working as a photographer. After finishing school and during the years 1989-1993, he formed a production named the Youth Filmography and was an actor, a filmmaker and screenwriter for his own films.

He made four films (One slap for memory, Girl's Charm, the Same Number One, Only one stronger.) and the last was a drama, Whose fault? This drama was nearly finished but because of some problems this drama was paused.


Later on, he enrolled for his Bachelor of Law at the Royal University of Law and Economics (Rule) in 1994, from which he graduated in 1997. it should be remembered that he was appointed as the leader of his class, tasked with students affairs. Coincidentally, his class was the last for young graduates to be allowed to become a civil servant without any prior exam. That’s why Khem Veasna was named a civil servant for 6 years at the Ministry of Interior until 2004, during which time he did not work, he revealed his motives for entry into politics with unclear mind. And he just wanted to be powerful like people who were taking office. and so he decide to get involved in politics. Gradually, he started to understand how to do politics, and researched on how to deal with domestic and international politics, based on documents and international news.

Later, he became immersed deeper in politics, and the practical work did teach him to be sensitive to others, loving justice and righteousness. He joined the Sam Rainsy Party and saw that the party did not embrace righteousness. It was corrupt and nepotistic, while the supporters were not aware of the party internal affairs. Internally, they talked of one thing, and externally, they talked of another. Thus, his conflicts with the party took place one after another until the party leader became aware of him and tried to invent a pretext to expel him from the party. Subsequently, he was later dismissed from the party under the pretext that they had invented (attacking the king who is protected by the constitution). Possessing different opinions and character and with a racial sentiment, he was divided with the party just like oil and water which never are not blended. He highlighted his feeling on the day, he last walked out of the National Assembly that it was just like he lit a candle to brighten up the dark sprawling Sahara. He knew it alone, but could not find someone to share.

The League For Democracy Party[edit]

On July 15, 2005, The League For Democracy Party (LDP) was founded. It was registered and officially recognized by Prakas (Announcement) of the Ministry of Interior No.792 Pr. K. Dated June 26, 2006. Having been the party Leader for eight years, he highlighted that the first sign he could understand about politics was the observation that Sam Rainsy Party always viewed problems as their solution, and when they addressed the people, they always raised only the problems. In each forum, they told the people about the problems and asked the people to vote for them, without suggesting the way in which the problems could be solved. He was continuously asking the question to himself, “why are not suggesting a way in which problems can be solved, and why are they just talking of the problems which everybody in the country is aware of?” In this regard, he emphasized that politicians are the ones who have progressive ideas. Talking about the problems will never suffice for one to be politicians. They must have a vision, with activities to achieve this vision. Having taken into account all existing parties, he knew that there were no parties which were good enough, and he decided to establish a new political party, the League for Democracy Party (LDP), to promote his vision.

In politics: 1998–present[edit]

In his engagement as a politician, initially, he was a member of the Sam Rainsy Party, listed of Representatives since 1998 but not elected, later elected as a representative in 2003. At that time he was 38 years old, then in 2006, also established their own party called the League for Democracy Party reach today.[3]

Argument in the Sam Rainsy Party[edit]

When he was in the Sam Rainsy Party

The cause that he wanted to be a politician, he said that initially, he didn't think he entered politics for anything and it was not clear, just wanted to make big because they entered the public job, also wanted to be like them. Sooner or later, he grew gradually with politics for a long time to work on his own pitch. Because of careful heart for others and the love of justice, accuracy, when he joined this party (SRP) for a period of time he found no accuracy, corruption, factions and people did not know the inside of the party. Because outside the party they speak differently and inside the party they speak differently, so the conflicts often occurred and it was heard to the president of the party then they find the way to take him out until they used his words "king's shit is also bad" as an excuse to take him out the party. But it did not matter the king did not care about this, until he signed out himself. From one step to another step Veasna also understood about how to do politics, and then he started researching about how to do politics outside the country, according to some documents and international news he also understood some more.[5]

SRP Lawmaker Allegedly Blasts Royal Family “What I have said was not attacking any King,” he said. “It’s unjust that one corner of my words was used when the whole meaning was not. If people listened through they will understand what I mean. It was not any attack but just history.”[6]

The League for Democracy Party 2006–present[edit]

Khem Veasna-LDP.jpg

In the name of the party president for 7 years, Veasna noted that an identification that he started understanding politics was that he saw his Sam Rainsy Party always take issue as a solution whenever they meet people they always talk about problems. He felt that why politicians do not talk about how to solve problems of the nation that is their views, how to deal, and each platform they tell and require the people to vote for them without telling the measures that is how to deal. Then he also noted that politicians are the people who have views forward and speaking about problems is not enough for us to become politicians . It's time to see the party getting along. He also came out to create a party self- perception .[7]

Speaking in public

Coming out to create a party, tried body is normal, nevertheless it is not the same. It's difficult because what we want and satisfactory to hard work something like that. Now we have a collective responsibility not like before we get partly responsible. If indeed politicians, they need to have a vision associated with their activities and if they have a different perspective they cannot be together.

Nowadays, he saw politicians in each political party in vulgar to insult another party, when vulgar is full then go to join with that party no longer go out. So in Cambodia cannot find obvious politicians because he distinguished himself Cambodia has to be solved by this way, this time not along perfectly also find another way to do the same understanding. But the politicians are not that, vulgar each other's when give personal interests then they go to join that party, because politics is a lengthy process.

Khem Veasna

“We explain to the candidates that politics is not a business, you know,” Veasna said. “We do not choose candidates who join politics because they want to get a high profile or want to be famous. Politics is not that. If charity to the people is your view of politics, and you don’t want anything from the politics, then you come here.”[5]

For other parties they focus on market whether how to drag ballots, but The LDP focus on accuracy, for ballots we don't care. He thinks that if accuracy is not absorbed the supports from the people we don't know any way can download or deception? but it does not know how to forge because it is not in accordance with the self - consciousness. It cannot be done. So, come out to establish their own party once .[5]

According to the past election results seems like get nothing, he still continue by explaining that he knew it was not a time quickly because people need time and he knew it must be like this He also thought already. Shuffle think like nothing it strange, too. Think ultimately will be successful but then there his presence or is unknown, it's another story. Believed accurate faithful will absorb download support a lot of people. Until now this party commune-sangkat council has 8 communes. 7 in Siem Reap province and 1 in Oddar Meanchey province. And in a month there are more and more ordinary people join to pay in party.

Khem Veasna in Phnom Penh

The accounting cost of the League for Democracy Party come from the people who listened to the radio and most of their members are students. They come to pay from 1,000 Riel, and monthly payment as well, and not force them to pay. Unemployment pressure If they want to keep paying or stop, it's up to them. This is a new political ideology because the political action is not want to win alone but for all the people win.[8]

His personal saga in relation to LDP[edit]

Khem veasna’s personal saga in relation to the League for Democracy (LDP) should be described step by step as following: since the inception of the League for Democracy (LDP), at the outset, all expenditures were the financial burden of Khem Veasna, including rental fees of the headquarters, administrative procedures at the headquarters and expenses on forum in provinces, including transportation and food on which he spent at least $5,000 per month. His team members close to him revealed that he sometimes became indebted due to the enormous expenses, and on some days, he almost had no money in his pocket to afford a package of noodles.

Pu snba-293.jpg

However, he rarely exposed this to his work team or his supporters, which were precious few at that time some nights, he stayed up worried due to his debts. He defines the word “Politics” as the work of philanthropists. People who want to help others, thus entering politics. Politics is not a business for profit. For him, he tries to make money for politics. due to repeated financial shortages since the parties establishment. He has thought of any business that would help generate income for the party. He started to invest in some business that were likely to be successful.

Supermix, veansa.jpg

Business career[edit]

He first began investing in breeding pigs in Takeo, and invested in growing aromatic coconut in Uddar Meanchey Province. Later, he built a chicken house and dug a fish pond in Battambang Province. After that, he turned to growing rice in Kampong Thom province, and growing cassava in Siem Reap province. Unable to abandon agriculture sometime later, he went on to sell fertilizers. Nowadays, he continues to think of what cash crops to grow that will help cover the parties expenditures. More than this, he exported health products from the country as well.

Ldp, sna.jpg

Discussing expenditures and Business.[edit]

We forget to ask another question: where does he live? And where is his office? The answer to question 2 is that his office is in his car. Talking of his accommodations, where is his house? He has never thought of buying a house for himself at all, even when he can afford to do so. Instead, he is looking for a large plot of land for the construction of the partys headquarter. This is because he wants to avoid expenditures on renting current headquarter. and wanna prepare the administrative structure of the headquarter for it to have a meeting hall and some space for forums and other events. As such, the answer to where he stays in this: the house is where the parties headquarters belongs.

He has travelled to almost all provinces, crossing the entire land of our tiny nation. Compared with ancient times, it was horses that people used to travel back and forth, and in this modern time, it is obviously cars. This is now his third car as his means of transportation, for both the travelling to forums in provinces and his personal uses. The first, he used an unlicensed ride side drive Mazda pick-up truck. The old car frequently broke down, and he needed to sleep en route, and sometimes public forum with supporters needed to be cancelled.


When quite some time passed, some supporters started the idea of buying him a new car for him to ease his travelling and to ensure his safely. For the new car, which maybe a question for supporters, but eventually they realized that, for the money that they had given, he already re-directed it into the radio funds for radio broadcasting. They were still worried about his safety, and that’s why there was another fund-raising.

With money from the supporters and that of his own, a second-hand Nissan Fanta pick-up truck was purchased to substitute his already old car. In the same bid to ease travelling and to ensure his safety, one month in the run-up to the 2013 during the National Elections, then he decided to buy a new car Mazda pick-up truck, which he still uses today.


  • "To revolutionize a society outright, we must change its people. To change the people, we must change their mindsets first."
  • "Since I was born to this world, the evils will find it difficult to prevail. But if I died of this cause, I would also die happy"
  • "We hold out an unequivocal signal that the dignified, civilized society doesn't tolerate your dirty deeds."
  • "When you keep your fingers on the pulse of politics, the politicians will stay on track"
  • "If we wished to deceive you—why would we equip you with the foundation for critical thinking?"
  • "Right or wrong cannot be determined by the amount of support."
  • "Our personal interests may not be the national interest; nevertheless the national interest is clearly for everyone’s benefit."
  • "Great people solve problems—they do not monotonously talk of them."
  • "Nothing is beyond our comprehension. If we think critically, we have the ability to understand anything."
  • "Selfishness alone is sufficient to bring apocalypse upon a nation."
  • "One that harbours sinister intentions will always keep others uneducated."
  • "You may dislike me for what I say to you. However if to gain your love means to suppress a truth from the depth of my heart. I am satisfied being disliked."
  • "In every circumstance, whether it gains votes or not—providing people with a foundation for critical thinking is of the utmost importance for the LDP."
  • "To revolutionize a society, its people must be changed. To do so, the people’s mindset must be changed first."
Khem Veasna
Khem Veasna 19.jpg
  • It is a real tragedy for a nation when three groups of its people, namely politicians, religionists and civil society workers, just pretend to be generous.
    • Quoted on his Facebook profile (4 March 2014)
  • Virtue inside is the real value of human, if ldp cannot rule this country, of course our country not yet be cured. All ldp supporters must be clear this point.
    • Quoted on his facebook profile (in 2013)
  • Each of our personal interests may not be the national interest But the national interest is clearly each of our benefit.
    • Quoted on his Facebook profile (15 December 2013)
  • It is futile to debate on what is wrong and right with people whose remorse is not their punishment, nor is it reasonable to care about their promise and criticism.
    • Quoted on his facebook profile (25 December 2013)
  • Democracy is a form of leading state in which the right and power in the hands of the people as a permanent. To ensure that the right and power is in the hands of people permanently, it must have a system to ensure the balance of power between citizens with its representatives.
    • Multi-Parties political platform (25 June 2013)

The first speech at LDP congress[edit]

Khem Veasna congress.jpg
  • For what purposes are we organizing this congress? Although this congress aims at electing the party leaders, adopting the party’s statute, validating the Party’s Central Committee membership so on and so forth, it only marks the stepping stones towards our goal. So what is our goal? We have to visualize the common dream which is our goal. It is a common dream that all Cambodian citizens have visualized, ―A nation in which we live in equity as its owners.
  • Keynotes for the 1st ordinary congress (6 November 2011)
  • Up to this point, I, however, wish to post a rather unexpected question to the congress: How would you feel if I would say ―Thanks to you for your confidence in me with your votes‖? You would feel both ironic and suspect at such an expression.
How can a person express his thanks for the daunting for-other challenge he faces? It is totally ironic. From my heart, I cannot express ―Thank-you‖ as it is not imbedded in my heart. It is, however, a consciousness reminds me that the more I am trusted, the more work I will do and the more responsibility I will face.It is the ultimate hope of many people on me.
  • Keynotes for the 1st ordinary congress (6 November 2011)
  • You are very clear with the characteristics of your challengers. You grasp the hearts of your challengers and explicitly compare your hearts with those of the challengers. You are confident of the concepts, abilities to form the concepts and conceptual gaps of your challengers. Finally, I have a piece of concept in the form of both question and suggestion and share with all compatriots throughout the country: Can we allow our hearts to treat our people as members of your great family?
Thank you!
  • Keynotes for the 1st ordinary congress (6 November 2011)


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