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HK Mogilev
City Mogilev, Belarus
League Belarusian Extraleague
Founded 2000
Operated 2000–2017
Home arena Mogilev Ice Sports Palace
Head coach Mikhail Klimin
Affiliates HK Mogilev-2
Franchise history
2000–2010 Khimvolokno Mogilev
2010–2017 HK Mogilev
Regular season titles 0
Belarusian Extraleague 0

HK Mogliev is an ice hockey team in Mogilev, Belarus. The team competes in the Belarusian Extraliga (BXL).


HK Mogilev was formed in 2000 and joined the Belarusian Extraleague in for the 2000–01 season.[1][2] The following season the club changed their name to Khimvolokno Mogilev which they played under from 2001 until 2010.[1] In 2001 Mogilev joined the Eastern European Hockey League Division B league as well as playing in the Belarusian Extraleague.[2] For the 2002–03 season Mogilev was promoted to the Eastern European Hockey League (EEHL) top league and did not compete in the Extraleague for the season.[2] The club returned to the Extraleague for the 2003–04 season and competed in the final EEHL season before the league folded.[2] Mogilev continued to compete in the Belarusian Extraleague until the end of the 2012–13 season.[2] In July 2013 it was announced that the club had declared bankruptcy and would cease to exist.[3] The club also announced that HK Mogilev-2 would continue to compete in the Vysshaya Liga.[3] Later in July, Vladimir Podrebinkin – head of the Mogilev Regional Hockey Federation – announced that the club would continue playing in the Belarusian Extraleague for the 2013–14 season.[4]

Current roster[edit]

Number Player Date of Birth Glove Place of birth
1 Belarus Nikita Kitayev 1992-11-26 L Mogilev, Belarus
20 Belarus Yevgeni Vladimirovich 1995-09-13 L Mogilev, Belarus
30 Belarus Denis Povarov 1994-05-18 L Mogilev, Belarus
69 Belarus Igor Petrenko 1994-02-27 L Minsk, Belarus
Number Player Date of Birth Shoots Place of birth
10 Belarus Denis Malishevsky 1995-05-27 L Mogilev, Belarus
15 Belarus Alexander Kudryavtsev 1992-06-05 R Mogilev, Belarus
18 Belarus Nikita Kozlov 1993-08-09 R Minsk, Belarus
21 Belarus Yegor Ivanov 1996-06-30 L Mogilev, Belarus
26 Belarus Artyom Maximov 1993-07-22 L Minsk, Belarus
28 Belarus Denis Gribko 1990-06-19 L Minsk, Belarus
32 Belarus Yegor Reut 1994-05-30 L Minsk, Belarus
33 Belarus Alexander Motuzov 1994-05-20 L Mogilev, Belarus
44 Belarus Alexei Sadovik 1990-06-23 L Novopoltsk, Belarus
79 Belarus Pavel Belyai 1994-08-11 R Mogilev, Belarus
- Belarus Vladislav Miroshkin 1995-10-01 L Mogilev, Belarus
Number Player Date of Birth Shoots Place of birth
5 Belarus Vladislav Seryakov 1995-09-06 L Mogilev, Belarus
11 Belarus Pavel Stepanov 1991-06-24 L Minsk, Belarus
12 Belarus Alexander Krotov 1997-12-30 R Mogilev, Belarus
13 Belarus Andrei Savchenko 1991-10-26 R Mogilev, Belarus
14 Belarus Alexander Kobus 1991-04-14 L Minsk, Belarus
16 Belarus Artyom Vasko 1992-12-09 R Minsk, Belarus
17 Belarus Alexander Kravtsov 1996-01-30 L Mogilev, Belarus
19 Belarus Alexander Korotkevich 1988-03-03 L Minsk, Belarus
23 Belarus Yegor Smolin 1986-01-06 R Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan
24 Russia Georgi Badalyan 1995-12-18 R Grachyovka, Russia
27 Belarus Denis Drankov 1994-02-28 L Mogilev, Belarus
29 Belarus Alexander Fomin 1990-11-12 R Minsk, Belarus
36 Russia Yuri Lomakin 1995-05-29 R Moscow, Russia
37 Russia Yegor Motygulin 1991-12-21 L Chelyabinsk, Russia
40 Belarus Dmitri Lugakov 1995-02-20 L Krugloe, Belarus
45 Belarus Vitali Valkov 1994-01-04 L Mogilev, Belarus
63 Russia Vladislav Lomakin 1995-05-29 L Moscow, Russia
73 Belarus Sergei Zubarev 1992-08-09 L Mogilev, Belarus
77 Belarus Nikita Somov 1995-05-09 L Mogilev, Belarus
81 Russia Vitali Gorbachev 1985-10-30 R Tynda, Russia
88 Belarus Igor Rustamov 1995-05-26 R Mogilev, Belarus
91 Belarus Alexander Idiatullin 1995-09-01 L Grodno, Belarus


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