Khinger Khurd

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Khinger Khurd
Country  Pakistan
Province Punjab (Pakistan)
District Rawalpindi
Time zone PST (UTC+5)

Khinger Khurd (Khurd: ) is a village located in Rawalpindi Tehsil of Rawalpindi District in the Potohar region of Pakistan. It is located in N A 52 Pakistan. The total population is about 1200 persons. There are two other Khingar villages in tehsil Rawalpindi, Khinger Kalan and Khinger Ladian. There are also seventeen villages of the Khingar tribe in Gujar Khan Tehsil. Khingers villages are also located in District jehlum,and District Attock. Some villages of khinger are also found in India near bomboy. Khinger khurd is about 34 km to the southwest of Rawalpindi in the Punjab province of Pakistan. Khinger Khurd is located in the Union Council of Jhatta Hathial (UC-115). It is located on the right side of Chak Beli Khan Road when going to chak bali, Katarian village is adjacent to village khinger khurd. The neighbouring villages are Dudian, Piyal, Jhatta Hathial. The village named Khingeris tribe of Rajputs and the majority of the people belong to the Khingar tribe/Bhatti Rajput.

Coordinates: 33°25′22″N 73°07′31″E / 33.422774°N 73.125343°E / 33.422774; 73.125343