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Khiram is a village in Anantnag District of the Jammu and Kashmir state of India. This Khiram village is the largest in the area with a population of 20,000.[when?] It is approximately twenty one kilometers (21 km) away from Anantnag District town center and fourteen kilometers (14 km) away from the Tehsil Headquarters.

The Khiram village and Anantnag City are connected by road passing through either via Bijbhara, Srigufwara, and Khiram or Sangam, Marhama, Srihama, Gantaliepora, Khiram roads.[where? ]

The shrine Khiram Dargah is located here which reportedly[citation needed] houses a relic of Prophet Muhammed and is the site of attraction for gatherings on Fridays and Islamic festivals. Khiram is surrounded on three sides by mountains which delinks it from surrounding areas like Sallar in east and tral Shikargah in west and north.

Coordinates: 33°43′55″N 75°09′36″E / 33.732°N 75.160°E / 33.732; 75.160