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Khirbat al-Majdal

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Khirbat al-Majdal
Khirbat al-Majdal is located in Mandatory Palestine
Khirbat al-Majdal
Khirbat al-Majdal
Arabic خربة المجدل
Subdistrict Tulkarm
Coordinates 32°23′39″N 34°56′15″E / 32.39417°N 34.93750°E / 32.39417; 34.93750Coordinates: 32°23′39″N 34°56′15″E / 32.39417°N 34.93750°E / 32.39417; 34.93750
Palestine grid 149/201

Khirbat al-Majdal was a Palestinian Arab village in the Tulkarm Subdistrict. It was depopulated during the 1947–48 Civil War in Mandatory Palestine on March 1, 1948 under Operation Coastal Clearing. It was located 10 km northwest of Tulkarm.


Khirbat al-Majdal was located on the Crusader place called Megedallum. The site had a well, around which bedouin gradually settled.[1]

The village had a shrine for a local sage known by al-Shaykh Abdallah. Today, Sde Yitzhaq is located near the village lands, but on land belonging to Raml Zayta.[2]


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