Khirer Putul

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Khirer Putul
Khirer Putul cover 2.jpeg
Queen and monkey
AuthorAbanindranath Tagore
SubjectChildren's Literature

Khirer Putul is a children's fantasy novel written by Abanindranath Tagore in 1896.[1] [2] Khirer Putul is considered a masterpiece[3] and landmark by writers in Bengali language children's literature. [4] Khirer Putul is a simple and touching tale about the sugar doll, the fate of Duorani and a tricky and extraordinary monkey.[5] Aadi Brahmosamaj press first published this book. Later on, it was translated into other languages.[6][page needed]


The king of Deepnagar had two queens Suo Rani and Duo Rani. The king gave Suo Rani 7 palaces, 700 female slaves, best ornaments from 7 kingdoms, 7 gardens, 7 chariots. He neglected Duo Rani and gave her a broken home, a deaf and dumb maid, torn clothes and dirty bed.


French – La poupée de fromage [7]

SwedishOstdockan[8] [9]


Abanindranath who was Rabindranath Tagore's nephew found this story in Mrinalini Devi's diary after her death. The novel is based on the story written in her diary.[10] The illustrations were done by Abanindranath Tagore.[11][page needed]


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