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Khiriyawan village is a small village in Gaya district, Bihar, India. Around 2500 people live in the village. Most of the people belong to a main caste that is Rajut sirmour rajput. Transport to the village is by train or by bus. The main railway station is Gaya, and the local railway station is Wazirgunj. The local market is 4 km away at Wazirgunj, and the main town is the city of Gaya 25 km away. 99 percent of the population is educated, as the village has a primary school for first to fifth year. There is only one local shop. The village is in an almost dry area. The main source of employment is agriculture.

Coordinates: 24°44′N 85°00′E / 24.733°N 85.000°E / 24.733; 85.000