Khlibnyi Dar

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Хлібний Дар
A 700 ml bottle of Хлібний Дар
ManufacturerНаціональна горілчана компанія
Country of originUkraine
Alcohol by volume40%
Proof (US)80
Related productsList of vodkas

Хлібний Дар (literally Bread Gift) is a brand of horilka (Ukrainian vodka), first introduced to the market in 2002.[1] It is owned by Баядера Груп (the Bayadera Group),[2] produced in a factory of the Національна горілчана компанія (National Horilka Company) in the village of Степанки in the Cherkasy Oblast of Ukraine.[1] All products from the Хлібний Дар range are made through the distillation of fermented cereal grains,[3] which is the most popular ingredient to produce vodka from in Polish and Ukrainian tradition.[4] According to The Millionaires’ Club report, Хлібний Дар was the third-best-selling brand of vodka in the world in 2011.[5]


The original recipe from the Хлібний Дар brand comes in 1.75, 1, 0.7, 0.5, 0.37, 0.2 and 0.1 litre bottles,[6] though this varies with each flavour. All types of this horilka are pure vodka made from cereal grains, but some come with small additions or differences in production that change the taste slightly. In total, there are six varieties of this distilled beverage:

  • Хлібний Дар (Класична) - Хлібний Дар (Classic); the original and most popular type,[7] made from wheat, rye and barley[8]
  • Хлібний Дар (Пшенична) - Хлібний Дар (Wheat); made from wheat and artesian water[7]
  • Хлібний Дар (на пророщеному зерні) - Хлібний Дар (on sprouted grain); uses extracts of germinated seeds[7]
  • Хлібний Дар (Житня Люкс) - Хлібний Дар (Rye Luxury); made from rye crackers, cinnamon and cumin[7]
  • Хлібний Дар (Озима) - Хлібний Дар (Winter); uses winter wheat grain[7]
  • Хлібний Дар (Українська) - Хлібний Дар (Ukrainian); made from an infusion of wheat crackers[7]

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