Khlong Lan National Park

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Khlong Lan National Park
IUCN category II (national park)
Map showing the location of Khlong Lan National Park
Map showing the location of Khlong Lan National Park
Location within Thailand
LocationKamphaeng Phet Province, Thailand
Coordinates16°09′32″N 99°11′24″E / 16.159°N 99.19°E / 16.159; 99.19[1]Coordinates: 16°09′32″N 99°11′24″E / 16.159°N 99.19°E / 16.159; 99.19[1]
Area420 km2 (160 sq mi)

Khlong Lan National Park (Thai คลองลาน) is a 420 km2 (160 sq mi) national park in Thailand.


Khlong Lan Waterfall

Khlong Lan National Park is situated in the Dawna Mountain Range.

This park lies in Khlong Lan and Mueang Kamphaeng Phet districts of Kamphaeng Phet Province, the West of Thailand.

The park is rugged and hilly along the Dawna Range, and is covered by fertile forest. Each mountain connects to Khun Khlong Lan, the highest peak at 1,439 metres (4,721 ft) above sea level. It's the origin of Khlong Khlung and Khlong Suan Mak, the tributaries of the Ping River. The famous places in the park are Khlong Lan and Khlong Nam Lai Waterfalls.[2]


The park was declared a national park on December 25, 1985 as the 44th park of Thailand.


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