Khlong Phanom National Park

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Khlong Phanom National Park
IUCN category II (national park)
Virgin tropical forest in southern Thailand, Khlong Phanom, Surat Thani.jpg
Tropical forest in Khlong Phanom
Map showing the location of Khlong Phanom National Park
Map showing the location of Khlong Phanom National Park
Location in Thailand
LocationSurat Thani Province, Thailand
Nearest citySurat Thani
Coordinates8°52′0″N 98°42′0″E / 8.86667°N 98.70000°E / 8.86667; 98.70000Coordinates: 8°52′0″N 98°42′0″E / 8.86667°N 98.70000°E / 8.86667; 98.70000
Area410.4 km²

Khlong Phanom (Thai: คลองพนม) is a national park in southern Thailand, protecting 410.4 km² of forests within the Phuket mountain range. It was declared a national park on November 17, 2000.

The park is located in the southwest of Surat Thani Province, within the district Phanom. The park is continuous with the Khao Sok National Park to the north, separated by highway 401. To the southwest it is continued by the Tonpariwat Wildlife Sanctuary.

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