Khmer Symbols

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Khmer Symbols
(32 code points)
Symbol setsLunar date symbols
Assigned32 code points
Unused0 reserved code points
Unicode version history
4.0 (2003)32 (+32)
Code chart
Note: [1][2]

Khmer Symbols is a Unicode block containing lunar date symbols, used in the writing system of the Khmer (Cambodian) language. For further details see Khmer alphabet – Unicode.

Khmer Symbols[1]
Official Unicode Consortium code chart (PDF)
  0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F
U+19Fx ᧿
1.^ As of Unicode version 14.0


The following Unicode-related documents record the purpose and process of defining specific characters in the Khmer Symbols block:

Version Final code points[a] Count L2 ID WG2 ID Document
4.0 U+19E0..19FF 32 L2/02-101 N2471 Chea, Sok Huor; Lao, Kim Leang; Harada, Shiro; Klein, Norbert (2002-02-13), Proposal to add Khmer lunar dates
L2/02-070 Moore, Lisa (2002-08-26), "Consensus 90-C23", Minutes for UTC #90
  1. ^ Proposed code points and characters names may differ from final code points and names


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