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Daughters of chogyal Tashi Namgyal wearing kho (1938).

The Kho (Sikkimese: བགོ) or Bakhu (Nepali: बख्खु) is a traditional dress worn by ethnic Sikkimese people of Sikkim and Nepal. It is a loose, cloak-style garment that is fastened at the neck on one side and near the waist with a silk or cotton belt similar to the Tibetan chuba and to the Ngalop gho of Bhutan, but sleeveless.

Women wear a silken, full-sleeve blouse called a honju inside the kho; a loose gown type garment fastened near the waist, tightened with a belt. Married women tie a multi-coloured striped apron of woolen cloth called pangden around their waist.[1]

Male members wear a loose trouser under the kho. The traditional outfit is complemented by embroidered leather boots by both men and women.[citation needed]

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