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Khobar skyscrapers.jpg
Khobar is located in Saudi Arabia
Location in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Coordinates: 26°17′N 50°12′E / 26.283°N 50.200°E / 26.283; 50.200Coordinates: 26°17′N 50°12′E / 26.283°N 50.200°E / 26.283; 50.200
Country Saudi Arabia
 • TypeMunicipality
 • BodyKhobar Municipality
 • MayorSulaiman Althunayyan
 • Provincial GovernorSaud bin Nayef
 • City571 km2 (220 sq mi)
10 m (30 ft)
 • City941,358
 • Urban
Time zoneUTC+3 (AST)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3
Postal Code
Area code(s)+966 13

Khobar (Arabic: ٱلْخُبَرal-Khubar) also spelled al-Khobar or al-Khubar, is a city located in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the coast of the Persian Gulf. It is one of the largest cities in the Gulf Cooperation Council, with a population of 941,358 as of 2012.[citation needed] Khobar, Dammam, and Dhahran are part of the Dammam metropolitan area, the 3rd largest metropolitan area in Saudi Arabia with an estimated population of over 4,100,000 as of 2012.[citation needed] All three urban centers are served by the King Fahd International Airport and King Abdul Aziz Port. Together, they are often known as "The Triplet Cities" by many natives and locals. Dammam, Dhahran and Al Khobar are less than 15 km (9.3 mi) apart and form one metropolitan area, the fifth largest in the kingdom[clarification needed] and sixth in the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Many of Khobar's residents work for Saudi Aramco[citation needed], the world's largest oil company and the most profitable company in the world,[1] Khobar also hosts many regional and international companies. Traditionally, Khobar has also been a city of shopkeepers and merchants, and the city today has many modern malls (such as Dhahran Mall) and boulevards with shops run by international franchises and restaurants.

Khobar today has many skyscrapers, with more under construction.[citation needed]


In earlier days, Khobar was a small port on the southern coast of the Persian Gulf, a fishing village inhabited mainly by Al Dossary tribe members. Al Dossary tribe migrated from Bahrain to Saudi Arabia after King Abdul Aziz allowed them to settle. The tribe settled in Khobar the location was chosen for its proximity of the island of Bahrain as the clan hoped to head back there soon.[2]

With the discovery of oil in the 1930s, it was transformed into a commercial and shopping center and an industrial port. The municipality of Khobar was founded in 1942. In modern times, the larger port of Dammam has taken over most commercial shipping activities for the Eastern Province, and oil is exported via the dedicated Saudi Aramco port of Ras Tanura. As a result, Khobar has transformed and extended its water front along the Persian Gulf into a corniche with parks, eateries, and family beaches.

In 1996, the Khobar Towers, a US Air Force housing complex, was bombed allegedly by militants aided by Iran, killing 19 US servicemen and one Saudi. Al Khobar city is well known in the West due to this incident.[3]


Khobar is the only city in Saudi Arabia which foreign residents constitute the majority of its population, making up more than 56% of its population.[4] This is due to the presence of oil companies, which increased the need for doctors, engineers and technicians.



Khobar is served by the largest airport in the world in terms of surface area: King Fahd International Airport. The airport is about 77,600 hectares (776 square kilometers), which is slightly bigger than the country of Bahrain.[5] located in northwest of Dammam; the driving distance from the terminal to Khobar city is 50 km (31 mi).


King Fahd International Airport

Khobar is connected with the major highways in the region including Dhahran-Jubail Highway, Dhahran-Dammam Highway as well as Khobar-Dammam Highway, which links Khobar with Dammam directly and links them both to King Fahd International Airport. Khobar hosts King Fahd Causeway, which links Saudi Arabia to Bahrain. Khobar also has highways to other Middle-Eastern countries such as Kuwait (Abu Hadriyah Highway), Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.


The King Abdul Aziz Sea Port, located on the coast of the Persian Gulf, is the largest port in the Persian Gulf.[6] It was founded in the late 1940s. The operations at the sea port mainly served the oil and gas industry, but has expanded to serve as a comprehensive center for the maritime industry.[6] The sea port has 214 platforms and can accommodate 15,000 ships.[7]


The nearest railway operator is located in Dammam. This railway, located in Dammam, is the headquarters of the Saudi Railways Organization. The length of the railroad is 449.110 km and the passenger train could reach 160 km/h.[8]


The first school in Khobar was established in 1942. Today, Khobar is home to more than 100 public and private educational institutes. The International Indian School, Dammam (CBSE) is the city's and Middle East's largest school, with more than 22000 students. Countries such as Pakistan and Bangladesh also operate their own schools and curriculum. Khobar is also home to several Western-oriented schools such as the International Philippine Schools, British and American Schools, which serve a number of students from various expatriate communities. Examples include Dhahran Ahliya Schools, Manarat International schools, AlFaisaliah Islamic School, Al-Hussan International School Khobar (AHISK), Saad National School, Jubail Academy International School, KFUPM Schools, Pakistan International School, Al-Khobar,Gulf International English School, Khobar French School, International Programs School, British International School Al-Khobar (BISAK), International Schools Group (which has multiple schools across the country), Al-Andalus International School, and International Philippine School in Al Khobar.

Khobar is also home to several universities and colleges such as:

  1. Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University (formerly known as the University of Dammam)University of Dammam
  2. Community College (King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals)
  3. Academy of ports for maritime studies and technical assistance
  4. Academy of Health Sciences
  5. Technical Institute, the Saudi Petroleum Services
  6. Institute of Beauty Specialist, Science and Technology (girls)
  7. Al-Ghad International Medical Science Colleges
  8. King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals
  9. Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University Prince Mohammad bin Fahd University
Khobar corniche


Khobar is a city with multiple lifestyle centers and shopping malls, The city also has the Corniche (Prince Turki Street) which is lined with several international and local chain restaurants, coffee bars and boutiques of all kinds. People from the neighboring GCC states and from the rest of the country visit the city to do activities such as fishing, scuba diving, water sports and shopping.

Al Rashid Mall

Shopping centers[edit]

The city hosts several shopping centers including: Carrefour, Tamimi Markets, Danube, Hyper Panda, Alissa Souk, Rahmaniah Center, Lulu Hypermarket,Al Gosaibi Center, Khobar Mall, Fanar Mall and Al Rashid Mall. There are also several commercial streets downtown which are populated by local shops, with one being Prince Bandar Street (locally known as Suwaiket Street). Khobar also benefits from being close to the city of Dhahran, which hosts several malls such as Dhahran Mall, Ikea, and Amwaj Center. Besides, the city of Dammam that hosts Dammam cornice, Dammam sea fort and Coral island. Dammam also includes several shopping malls such as Marina mall, Othaim mall and Al-Shatea mall. Khobar Corniche and Azizyh Beach with The half moon in Dhahran are tourist attractions in Khobar.

King Fahd Specialist Hospital


Khobar is also home to a number of governmental hospitals including, Dammam Central Hospital (Dammam Medical Complex), King Fahad Specialist Hospital, Maternity & Children Hospital, Security Forces Hospital, Al Amal Psychiatric Hospital (famous for dealing with drug abuse and addiction), Imam Abdulrahman Al Faisal Hospital, King Fahd Military Medical Complex.


There are a number of parks in Khobar city, which include children's parks, football fields, basketball courts, green spaces, trees, flowers:

1- The Rose Garden, located in the Golden Belt district, covers an area of 8568 square meters

2- The Cordoba Park in the neighborhood of Anzi occupies an area of 8800 square meters

3- Sheikh Hamad bin Ammar Al Khaldi Park in the neighborhood of Al-Raka area of 8568 square meters

4- The lavender garden in the neighborhood of Khuzama with an area of 5440 square meters

5- The spring park in the Al-Thaqabah neighborhood is 7440 square meters

6- Sheikh Ali Al-Tamimi Park in the Al-Jisr area is 2300 square meters

7- The garden of the twigs in the Golden Belt district has an area of 6450 square meters


King Fahd Causeway[edit]

King Fahd Causeway

King Fahd Causeway is a bridge between Saudi Arabia and the Kingdom of Bahrain. The bridge is about 25 kilometers long and 23.2 meters wide. The bridge was officially opened on 25 November 1986 and is named after King Fahd. This bridge has achieved many economic and social benefits for both countries. The two countries - Saudi Arabia and Bahrain - as well as the GCC countries.[9] The bridge can accommodate 28,000 cars and 1000 trucks.[10]

Khobar Water Tower[edit]

Khobar Water Tower

Khobar also features the Water Tower which is situated in a man made peninsula in the Khobar water front. It is believed that the Khobar Water Tower would be one of the top Eastern Region's tourist attractions.[11] The tower has eight stories at a height of 90 meters, and one of the floors has a restaurant that overlooks the city.[11]


Khobar has a desert climate (Köppen climate classification: BWh), with very hot, dry summers and warm wet winters.

Its average annual temperature is 33 °C (91 °F) during the day and 22 °C (72 °F) at night. In the coldest month, January, the temperature typically ranges from 12 to 22 °C (54 to 72 °F) during the day to 3 to 18 °C (37 to 64 °F) at night. In the warmest month, June, the typical temperature ranges from 36 to 50 °C (97 to 122 °F) during the day to about 33 °C (91 °F) at night. Generally, the summer / "holiday" season lasts about six months, from May to October. Two months, April and November, are transitional; sometimes the temperature exceeds 48 °C (118 °F), with temperatures ranging from 37–50 °C (99–122 °F) during the day and 24–36 °C (75–97 °F) at night. Large fluctuations in temperature are rare, particularly in the summer months.[citation needed]

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