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Coordinates: 68°56′28″N 53°46′08″E / 68.941°N 53.769°E / 68.941; 53.769

Location of Khodovarikha in the Barents Sea shores

Khodovarikha (Russian: Ходовариха) is a point in the coast of the Pechora Sea located on a landspit projecting eastwards over the bay. Latitude: 68° 57' Longitude: 53° 45'

There is a lighthouse at Khodovarikha. In 1942 it was shelled by the Kriegsmarine during Operation Wunderland because it was an important beacon for the Russian convoy route coming from the Yugorsky Strait. There was also a small populated place close by that has been abandoned. However, there is still a functioning weather station in Khodovarikha.

Khodovarikha belongs to the Nenets Autonomous Okrug administrative region, which is an autonomous okrug of Arkhangelsk Oblast.


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