Sharga River

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Sharga River (Шарга гол)
Country Mongolia
Aimag Khövsgöl
 - location Eastern Sayan mountains, Tsagaannuur sum
 - coordinates 51°44′N 99°31′E / 51.733°N 99.517°E / 51.733; 99.517
 - location Dood Tsagaan Lake, Renchinlkhümbe sum
 - coordinates 51°22′N 99°26′E / 51.367°N 99.433°E / 51.367; 99.433Coordinates: 51°22′N 99°26′E / 51.367°N 99.433°E / 51.367; 99.433

Sharga River (Mongolian: Шарга гол) is a river in Khövsgöl aimag of northern Mongolia. It runs through the eastern part of "East Taiga", the north eastern extension of the Darkhad valley. The river starts as a confluence of several smaller rivers in the Tsagaannuur sum near the Russian border and exits into Dood Tsagaan Lake in the Renchinlkhümbe sum as a tributiary of the Shishged River.[1]


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