Khojak Tunnel

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Coordinates: 30°49′54″N 66°35′16″E / 30.831662°N 66.587644°E / 30.831662; 66.587644

Shela Bagh Station on the Great Military Railway, at entrance to Khojak Tunnel, 1895
Khojak Tunnel, 2014

The Khojak Tunnel (also known as Shela Bagh Tunnel) is a 3.91 km (2.43 mi) railway tunnel in Qilla Abdullah District of Balochistan Province, Pakistan, near the border with Afghanistan at Chaman.[1] It is located 1,945 m (6,381 ft) above sea level.[1]

The tunnel was constructed in 1891 under the Khojak Pass and remains one of the longest tunnels in South Asia, and the longest in Pakistan. It is expected to be surpassed in length by the 8.75 km (5.44 mi) Lowari Tunnel, currently under construction, in 2017.

The tunnel was featured on the old PK Rs. 5 banknote.


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