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Khojguru Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
Type of business Private
Available in English
Headquarters New Delhi, India
Area served India
Founder(s) Nitin Gupta
Anurag Aggarwal
Amit Kumar Sharma
Industry Electronic Commerce
Products Online Discount Coupons
Slogan(s) Helping You Save Money

Khojguru is the discount destination on the internet and mobile phones offering free discount coupons for retailers in the major cities of India. The first market for Khojguru was Delhi and NCR areas. As of July 2011, Khojguru serves more than 10 cities across India and is the largest such player in India. The website currently receives over 72,000 pageviews/day.[1] Khojguru debuted in August 2007 as a local search engine and that is where the name comes from. The word 'khoj' means search in Hindi. Khojguru has been founded by Nitin Gupta, Anurag Aggarwal and Amit Kumar Sharma.

Web Coupons[edit]

Coupons are a relatively new concept in India. The reason this is considered a new concept is because couponing works in Organised retail and organised retail is a fairly recent story in India. Current coupons distribution is fairly scattered – coupons are distributed with the credit card or bank statements, telephone bills etc. Further, these discounts/offers are restrictive and available only periodically. As a result, the usage of such coupons is low.

Coupons, world over, were traditionally done in paper format and distributing them was costly. With advent of technology, new distribution ways have emerged. Coupons can now be printed directly from the Internet or be sent to the mobile phone in form of SMS coupons. This is helping in the growth of the coupon world and theirs redemption have increased 263 percent to about 50 million coupons in 2009.[2]

However off late there has been increased competition from numerous websites in couponing business.


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