Khon Kaen Light Rail Transit

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Khon Kaen Light Rail Transit (LRT)
OwnerKhon Kaen City Development co.,ltd
LocaleKhon Kaen, Thailand
Transit typeLight rail transit
Number of lines1
Number of stations21
HeadquartersKhon Kaen, Thailand
Operation will start2022 (planned)
System length26 km (16 mi)
Khon Kaen LRT
S01 Samran
S02 Ban Nong Kung
S03 Ban Non Muang
S04 Satit KKU School
S05 Provincial Police Training Center
S06 KKU Gate T-Junction
(Si Than Gate)
S07 KKU Food Center 1
S08 KKU Roundabout T-Junction
S09 Srinagarind Hospital
S10 Toyota Center
S11 Ocean Life Insurance Center
S12 Sam Liam Intersection
S13 Town Gate Intersection (Pratu Mueang)
S14 Khon Kaen Grand Station
S15 Big C
S16 Charoen Si Intersection
S17 HomePro
S18 Tesco Lotus
S19 Khon Kaen Bus Terminal
Bus interchange
S20 Kud Kwang
S21 Tha Phra

The Khon Kaen Light Rail Transit Project is a planned 22.6km light rail transit system consisting of an initial 16 stations to serve Khon Kaen Province in north-east Thailand.[1] A Phase 2 extension of 3.5km and 5 stations is also planned. The line will have both grade and elevated sections. It is expected to be operational in around 2022. Fares are expected to be a flat 15 baht.[2]


The original plan for mass transit in Khon Kaen consisted of a 4 line Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) network which was proposed in 2012.[3] By 2014, a master plan for the BRT network had been finalised.[4]

However, in early 2015 Khon Kaen Mayor proposed converting the long North-South Red BRT line into a light rail line as part of Khon Kaen's Smart City development program and to integrate with the future planned North East high speed rail to Nong Khai. By mid 2015, a feasibility study was commissioned for a light rail line.[5] In mid March 2016, the Thai government signed a decree approving the project and provided a budget to complete the feasibility study and design of the project.[6] In March 2017, the Khon Kaen Mayor announced that a private company, Khon Kaen Transit System Co., owned by Khon Kaen City and 4 surrounding municipalities would be established to operate the line.[7]

In July 2017, it was announced that the tender for the project was to be issued and awarded by the end of 2017.[8] However, this did not occur as the feasibility study by Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning (OTP) evaluating the design and operations had not been completed.[9] The OTP study was completed in February 2018[10] and the project was formally approved by the government in October 2018.[2]

As of December 2018, bidding on the project is scheduled to commence no later than February 2019, with construction beginning immediately after the process concludes within next year.[11]


Line Proposed opening Terminal Length [km] Length [mile] Stations Status
     Red Line 2022 Samran Tha Phra 22.6 14.0 16 Approved
     Yellow Line ???? Ban Thum Bueng Niam 41 25 23 Planned
     Blue Line ???? VIP Home Mitr Sampan 22 14 19 Planned
     Green Line ???? Nam Ton Sila 32 20 25 Planned
     Pink Line ???? Circle route 6 3.7 10 Planned


The LRT line runs on a north-south axis along Mittrarhap Road through the center of Khon Kaen city.

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