Khong Island

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Village on Don Khong

Khong Island or Don Khong is the largest island and the seat of administration in the Si Phan Don riverine archipelago located in the Mekong River, Khong District, Champasak Province, southern Laos.

The island is 18 kilometres (11 mi) long (north-south), and 8 kilometres (5.0 mi) at its widest point. It has a population of approximately 55,000, mainly concentrated in the two villages Muang Saen (west) and Muang Khong (east); the latter is the de facto capital of the island as well as the regional seat of government. The former President of Laos, Khamtai Siphandon has a residence on the island, which is a possible explanation for the high-quality of infrastructure, such as asphalted roads and electricity, on Khong Island. Locals tend to travel on longtail boats.

Some tourists combine their visit to the island with a visit to nearby Don Det and Don Khon islands, where it is possible to view the Khone Phapheng Falls.[citation needed]