Khong wong yai

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Khong wong yai
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Classification Percussion (idiophone)
Related instruments
Khong wong lek

The khong wong yai (Thai: ฆ้องวงใหญ่, pronounced [kʰɔ́ːŋ woŋ jàj]) is a circle with gongs used in the music of Thailand. It has 16 tuned bossed gongs in a rattan frame and is played with two beaters.The player sits in the middle of the circle. It is used in the piphat ensemble to provide the skeletal melody the other instruments of the elaborate ensemble. The gongs are individually tuned with beeswax under the gongs. the khong wong yai can either be played with soft beaters or hard beaters.

It is equivalent to the Kong thom in Cambodian music.[1]


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