Khordad Sal

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Khordad Sal (Persian: خرداد روز)[pronunciation?] is the birth anniversary (or birthdate) of Zarathushtra. Zoroastrians all over the world, especially the Parsis of India, celebrate the day in a great glamor. Parties and ghambars are held. Special prayers and jashan are also held throughout the entire day. Clean, rangoli-strewn homes, children with vermilion spots on their foreheads, new clothes, fragrant flowers and delicious meals, all form part of the rituals. A grand feast is prepared to mark the occasion.

Since the Parsi community is especially tight-knit, its celebrations bring kith and kin together; so does Khordad Sal. The festival is also an opportunity for the Parsis to review their lives and actions, and make resolutions for the future.

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