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Khoresh karafs
Alternative namesKhoresht
Place of origin Iran
Serving temperatureHot
Main ingredientsMeats, vegetables, spices

Khoresh (Persian: خورش) or Khoresht (Persian: خورشت, Sorani Kurdish: خۆرشت) is a generic Iranian term for stew dishes in the Iranian cuisine, Afghan cuisine, Tajik cuisine and also Kurdish cuisine. The word is a substantive of the verb khordan (Persian: خوردن, Sorani Kurdish: خواردن) "to eat" and literally means "meal".

It generally refers to different stews in the Iranian, Afghan and Kurdish cuisine, and is typically served beside polo (rice). In Iranian cuisines there are many different khoresh with many unique ingredients. Vegetarian khoreshes are common. Iranian stews use desired amounts of saffron to give a distinctive and fragrant taste. The most popular khoreshes in Iranian cuisine are gheimeh, ghormeh sabzi and fesenjan.


Khoresh-e lape bademjan
  • Khoresh bademjan (eggplant stew): including eggplants, optional boned leg of lamb or stewed beef, onions, turmeric, tomato paste and medium tomatoes
  • Khoresh bādemjān lapeh (aubergine and yellow split pea stew): same as previous with addition of yellow split peas and Advieh
  • Khoresh bāmieh (okra tomato stew): Stewing lamb or beef, okra, potatoes, onions, fresh lime juice and tomato paste
  • Khoresh bāmieh lapeh (okra and yellow split pea stew): same as previous with addition of yellow split peas and Advieh
  • Khoresh beh (quince stew): chunks of lamb are stewed with slices or cubes of tart quince, and yellow split peas; this dish is always served with rice.[1]
  • Khoresh ālu (prune stew)
  • Khoresh ālu esfenaj (prune and spinach stew)
  • Khoresht e khalal (almond beef stew): a local stew of the city of Kermanshah in west of Iran, its ingredients are onion, lamb, and mutton in very small sizes, saffron, and lots of almonds slices. Local oil (roghan kermanshahi) can also be used.
  • Khoresh fesenjān or fesenjun (pomegranate stew) including duck or chicken, or beef meatballs, ground walnuts, onions, pomegranate molasses, sugar
  • Khoresh havij (carrot stew)
  • Khoresh kadu (zucchini stew): pan-fried whole or long-cut sliced zucchini, stewed lamb, beef or chicken, onions, tomato paste and whole or split pan-fried tomatoes
  • Khoresh qārch (mushroom stew)
Khoresh-e gheimeh

Salt, pepper, advieh, and oil are also used in these dishes.

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