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Not to be confused with Xhosa language.
Khoso, Khosa
Total population
about 5 million
Regions with significant populations
Persian, Balochi, Sindhi, Siraiki, Punjabi
Related ethnic groups
Baloch tribes

Khosa, Khoso, or Khosug (Balochi: کھوسگ, Sindhi: کھوسو‎, Urdu: کھوسھ ,کھوسو‎) is a Baloch tribe of Pakistan. According to Baloch history, Khoso was the grandson of Hooth and Hooth was the younger brother of Rind. According to Baloch epics, Khoso means "brave" or "The Brave Warrior". Khoso is one of forty tribes of Baloch that has survived since the 11th century A.D. According to Baloch historians, tribes have merged into one another and few survived with their own identity.

The Khoso tribe name is found in many Baloch epic poems of the 11th and 12th century.[citation needed]

Notable Khosa people[edit]


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