Khost University

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Khost University
خوست پوهنتون
Khost University in 2007.jpg
Type public
Established 2000
Chancellor Mojiburrahman Karimi
Vice-Chancellor Abdul Khalil Afghani
Students 3,000
Location Khost, Afghanistan
Nickname Shaikh Zayed University

Khost University (Pashto: د خوست پوهنتون‎) (nickname: Shaikh Zayed University) is in the border town of Khost in eastern Afghanistan. It was established in 2000. It was shifted from its previous temporary location in Peshawar, Pakistan, where it was named "Afghan University Peshawar" by special order of President Hamid Karzai.

Khost university was officially registered in 2003, the first president of the khost university was Faiz Mohammad Fayaz. The work on the university was officially started during Hakim Taniwal governship of Khost province. The next Governor Patan made a trip to UAE (United Arab Emirates), and requested funds for the completion of the university. In order to honor UAE's help, the university was named Shaikh Zayed University. Governor Patan had a track record for opening schools, and supporting education for all genders, so it was only natural for him to push for the construction of Shaik Zayad's University. The University new campus was officially inaugurated in March, 2008.

Shaikh Zayad's University has nine faculties and more than 3000 students. It has a private radio station for journalism faculty. It is the only university in Afghanistan with a faculty in computer science. It has a hostel for students, and medical students are trained at the government-run Khost Hospital.

Khost University is one of eleven Afghan educational institutions that have e-learning facilities, provided by USAID.[1]


Shaikh Zayed University, Khost

SZU is a large university and graduates students from the following fields:

  1. Computer Science
  2. Medicine
  3. Engineering
  4. Literature
  5. Journalism
  6. Sharia
  7. Politics
  8. Agriculture
  9. Education
  10. Economy and Management
SZU, Khost province


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