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Coat of Arms of Khotiv.png

Khotiv is a village of the Kyiv-Sviatoshynsky district of Kyiv region of Ukraine. It adjoins the boundary of Kiev in its southwestern outskirts (Holosiivskyi District, Feofania). Population of the village is 4800 inhabitants and 1592 houses (01.01.2006). Territory of the Khotiv rural council embraces villages of Kremenyshche (370 inhabitants, 128 houses) and Kruhlyk (330 inhabitants, 110 houses). Total area of this territory is 2432,7 ha. Khotiv occupies 768,7 ha (68 streets), Kremenyshche 121,1 ha (5 streets), Kruhlyk - 50,2 ha (6 streets).

The picturesque territory of Khotiv is situated on the side of Kyiv plateau, cut by deep valleys and steep ravines. Khotiv it is divided into two parts by stream Vita (length of 12,6 km). There are two ponds.

Khotiv is the location of the Khotiv hillfort of Scythian times (6 century BC).

Khotiv from the south. The Khotiv hillfort and St. Panteleimon's Cathedral are seen in the background.

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Coordinates: 50°20′N 30°28′E / 50.333°N 30.467°E / 50.333; 30.467