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Khrami (ხრამი)
Azerbaijani: Anaxatır
Khrami River Kirach Muganlo.jpg
Khrami river as seen near Kirach Muganlo, Georgia
Countries Georgia (country), Azerbaijan
Region Caucasus
Part of Kura River
 - left Debeda River, Mashavera
Source Lesser Caucasus
 - location Trialeti Range, Georgia
Mouth Kura River
 - location Muğanlı, Agstafa, Azerbaijan
Length 201 km (125 mi)

The Khrami (Georgian: ხრამი, Azerbaijani: Anaxatır) is a 201-kilometre (125 mi) long river in eastern Georgia and western Azerbaijan, a right tributary of the Kura River. It originates in the Trialeti Range and flows into a deep valley. It is fed primarily fed by snow. Its tributaries are: the Debeda and Mashavera rivers. The Tsalka Reservoir and three hydroelectric power plants are built on the Khrami.

Coordinates: 41°18′55″N 45°07′31″E / 41.31528°N 45.12528°E / 41.31528; 45.12528