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Roman city of Bulla Regia, near Jendouba, Tunisia with the Kroumirie mountains in background.

Khroumire (also spelled Kroumirie and Khroumirie) (Arabic: جبال خمير‎) is a mountainous region located in northwestern Tunisia and northeastern Algeria. The Khroumire has extensive forests of cork oak. Owing to a relatively high rainfall it is one of the most well watered regions in North Africa (40 to 60 inches [1,000 to 1,500 millimetres] a year).

The range extends south of the Mediterranean Sea and north of Wadi Majardah (Medjerda) and east from the Algerian border to Mount Al-Abyad (El-Abiod). Snow is common in the higher elevations especially on the Algerian side.


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Coordinates: 36°35′00″N 8°25′00″E / 36.5833°N 8.41667°E / 36.5833; 8.41667