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Wat Khlong

Khu Bua (Thai: คูบัว) is an archaeological site 12 km southeast of the town Ratchaburi, Thailand. It dates from the 6th century Dvaravati culture and was one of major cities of this kingdom.[1]:299–300,302,307–309

Within the roughly rectangular site of around 800x2000 m surrounded by an earthen wall and a moat 44 archaeological sites were found within and outside the wall, with the foundations of Wat Khlong Suwannakhiri being the largest and best preserved. Excavations were done in 1957, 1960 and 1961. The findings - ceramic figurines, wheels of law and stone tablets - are now at display at the National Museum in Ratchaburi and Bangkok, as well as in the small museum next to Wat Khlong.

Wat Khlong was registered as a historical site in 1962.[2]


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