Khuen people

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Total population
(9,500 (est.))
Regions with significant populations
Laos, China
Traditional religion, Theravada Buddhism

The Khuen people are an aboriginal ethnic group of Laos.

Name Variation[edit]

The Khuen have appeared in research under several different English spellings including Khuen, Kuan, Kuanhua, Kween, Khween, and Khouen.[citation needed]


The Khuen speak a language also called Khuen, which is a Khmuic language.[1] The Khmuic languages are Austro-Asiatic.[1] There is some debate as to whether the Khmuic languages are of the Mon-Khmer branch, but the majority opinion is that they are not.[citation needed]

Geographic Distribution[edit]


As a fellow member of the larger Khmuic ethnic group, many aspects of Khuen culture are similar to the Khmu.[citation needed] Family names are usually the names of sacred animals or plants. It is taboo for a Khuen person to touch the animal or plant that bears his or her family name.[citation needed]


In addition to Theravada Buddhism, they also worship a hierarchy of demons and ghosts. Ancestor worship is also practiced.[citation needed]


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