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Khuhro (Sindhi: کھڙو‎) is a Sindhi tribe in Sindh and Balochistan, Pakistan. Khuhros belong to the Abro clan of the Sammas. According to tradition the Khuhro settled in the fertile tract near the Indus River around the modern Larkana District and Khairpur District.

The Khuhro tribe is found in approx thirty three villages (gambat, Sobhodero, Khuhra City, Faqeer Mill, ranipur, Binddi Motayo, Nandhi Bindi, Madd, Danghurae, Khohae, Gharae, Dosani, Mulae, Lorhae, Jado Wahan, Mehro wahan, Ambani, Motani, Munawarabad, Hajji Soof, Agra, Ghuhram, Bahram, Muhammad jo wahan, Belharo, Khooh, Satabo, Lundae, Mulan ja Pidd, Dilawar Gouth, Saghiyoon, Badal, Kechhee of the Gambat taluk & Sobhodero Taluka, Khairpur District, where until 2013 they were supporters of the PPP and PML-F political parties. In that year they were expected to change their support to Asad Khuhro, an independent election candidate from their own community who was also their tribal chief and a grandson of a former Pakistani Defence Minister, Muhammad Ayub Khuhro.[1][2]

Notable people[edit]


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