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Khulna Public College (KPC)
খুলনা পাবলিক কলেজ
Logo of Khulna Public College.jpg
College Logo
Jalil Sarani, Boyra
Khulna, 9000
Coordinates 23°50′11″N 89°31′58″E / 23.83639°N 89.53278°E / 23.83639; 89.53278Coordinates: 23°50′11″N 89°31′58″E / 23.83639°N 89.53278°E / 23.83639; 89.53278
Type Autonomous
Motto এস জ্ঞানের সন্ধানে,ফিরে যাও দেশের সেবায়
(Come to learn and go to serve your country)
Established 20 January 1987 (1987-01-20)
Founder Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh
School board Jessore Education Board
Educational authority Board of Governors, Khulna Public College[1]
Principal Lt. Col. Md. Jahangir Alam, AEC
Staff 99
Teaching staff 175
Grades 3 to 12
Gender Boys
Enrollment 2,880
Medium of language Bengali
Hours in school day 10 hours: Morning Shift (8.00 AM-1.00 PM) and Day Shift (1.30 PM-5.30 PM)
Campus Boyra, Khulna-9000
Campus size 5.3482 acres
Campus type Urban
Houses 2
Sports Football, cricket, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, handball
Publication Protyasha-প্রত্যাশা

Khulna Public College (also referred to as KPC) (Bengali: খুলনা পাবলিক কলেজ) formerly known as "Sundarban Boys' Public School" is an autonomous educational institution directly administered by Ministry of Education in Boyra, Khulna, Bangladesh.[2] It offers education from Grades 3 to Grade 12. KPC was awarded as the best digital educational institution of Khulna zone in 2015.[3][4]


From 2003 day shift was started by KPC administration. KPC now offers education in two shifts named morning shift (8.00AM-1.00 pm)and day shift(1.30PM-5.30 pm).


The college is governed by a governing body.[5] The Secretary of the Ministry of Education of The People's Republic of Bangladesh is the chairman of the board of Governors.[5][6] The chief of the administration of college is Principal while there are two Vice Principals in each of the shifts (morning and day shifts).[7]

Heads of KPC[edit]

Serial Name Period
1. Mr. Shah Mohammad Zahurul Haq 7 January 1987 to 31 December 1988
2. Mr. K.M. Hasan(In-charge) 1 January 1989 to 6 August 1989
3. Mr. Harunur Rashid 7 August 1989 to 17 June 1990
4. Mrs. Hasna Banu(In-charge) 18 June 1990 to 30 June 1990
5. Prof. Harunur Rashid 1 July 1990 to 10 March 1991
6. Dr. Shafiur Rahman 10 March 1991 to 15 April 1992
7. Mr. Salim Haider Chowdhury(In-charge) 15 April 1992 to 17 May 1992
8. Prof. Shafiur Rahman 17 May 1992 to 3 January 1993
9. Prof. Md. Younus 3 January 1993 to 3 March 1993
10. Mr. Md. Tarek 1 March 1994 to 27 September 1997
11. Mr. Md. Lal Mia 27 September 1997 to 22 April 2001
12. Mr. Sk. Syed Ali 22 April 2001 to 20 January 2003
13. Mr. Salim Haider Chowdhury(In-charge) 21 January 2003 to 22 January 2003
14. Mr. Sk. Syed Ali 23 January 2003 to 29 December 2008
15. Prof. Sk. Syed Ali 30 December 2008 to 14 February 2009
16. Mr. Salim Haider Chowdhury(In-charge) 14 February 2009 to 30 March 2009
17. Prof. M. Abul Bashar Mollah 31 March 2009 to 30 March 2010
18. Prof. M. Abul Bashar Mollah 4 March 2010 to 6 September 2010
19. Mr. Salim Haider Chowdhury(In-charge) 6 September 2010 to 3 March 2012
20. Lt Col Kazi Shahabuddin Ahmed, AEC 3 March 2012 to
21. Lt. Col. Md. Jahangir

Al, AECam

The academic and administrative building of KPC


Khulna Public College offers primary, secondary and higher secondary education and emphasises student discipline in all of their activities. KPC provides education to its students in the Primary, lower Secondary, Secondary and Higher Secondary level in Bengali medium under the national curriculum. Students take SSC or Secondary School Certificate (after completing grade 10 which is equivalent to the O Levels in the UK), Higher Secondary (School) Certificate (HSC) (public examination taken after completing grade 12 which is equivalent to the high school diploma in the United States and the A Levels in the UK) examinations, the Junior School Certificate (JSC) ( Public exam for eighth graders) and Primary School Certificate (PSC) (Public exam for fifth graders). The institution has a library with 5,824 volumes along with physics, chemistry, computer science, biology, mathematics, and geography labs for performing experiments.[8] Bright students participate in Mathematics Olympiad, Physics Olympiad, and Astronomy Olympiad.[9][10][11]


KPC follows the national education curriculum of Bangladesh. The curriculum includes primary, lower secondary, secondary and higher secondary school academic subjects. Classes in computing are compulsory and optional for grades 9–12. Students can take music, guitar lessons. Students of secondary (9 and 10) and higher secondary (11 and 12) classes elect to one of three major groups : Humanities, Business Studies and Science. Students of grade 10 and 12 are prepared for their SSC and HSC examinations respectively. Students of grade 8 are also prepared for their Junior School Certificate (public exam which is also scholarship test for eighth graders).[8]

Academic performance[edit]

Academic performance of KPC in Secondary School Certificate in the recent years are as following:[12][13]

Year Number of


Number of






GPA-5 or A+

2007 166 166 100% 46
2008 163 163 100% 68
2009 177 170 97% 58
2010 184 184 100% 113
2011 211 211 100% 87
2012 292 292 100% 86

Performance in the Higher Secondary Certificate examination of some of the recent years are as follows:[12][13][14]

Year Number of


Number of






GPA-5 or A+

2007 406 166 93% 59
2008 450 440 97% 114
2009 389 370 95% 71
2010 438 411 94% 83
2011 405 405 100% 91
2012 435 435 100% 143


The cenotaph of KPC for the memory of the martyrs of the great Liberation War of Bangladesh

Khulna Public College is located on a 5.3482 acres campus in a residential neighbourhood.[8] The campus consists of house for students, individual residences for the principal, a mosque, an auditorium, gardens, two interlinked building, a new academic building, an old building and a huge play ground.The old building is now out of use. The academic parts of these buildings consist of class rooms, a library with a reading room, laboratories for biology, chemistry, physics, geography, psychology and a very modern computer lab.[15] The administration portions consist of principal's office, offices for other administrative work, a teachers' lounge, a Central Hall, a common room for teachers etc.[6] There is a cenotaph for the memory of the martyrs of the great liberation war of Bangladesh.


The institution has a library with 5,824 volumes.The library has a rich collection of Text Book, supplementary Books, other Books and great number of Journals and Newspapers.[16] The library is open during academic hours.There is also a reading room adjacent with library.

Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities[edit]

Cultural Week[edit]

KPC takes special emphasis to literary and cultural activities of the students to rise their potential creativity. A yearly cultural week is observed with debate, recitation, music, drama, story telling, caricature, drawing etc.[17] The college organises an annual function on 21 February to observe the International Mother Language Day. It holds programs on the occasion of Pohela Boishakh, Independence Day, and Victory Day,KPC Day(20 January:anniversary of foundation) .[6][8]


Sports is one of the major features of life at Khulna Public College.[16] Among the outdoor games football and cricket are the most popular. Cricket is played in winter while football in summer. KPC has teams for football, cricket that participate in national and regional games.KPC also hosts many tournaments on its grounds.Within the college, teams from every classes of two houses take part in annual football, cricket tournaments.[17] KPC has indoor games facilities including table tennis, carom, chess and word making. Boards needed for these indoor-games are placed in the college common room and hallways. Every year in January Khulna Public College arranges sports week.All the students of two houses take part and show their skill in various events. running, [relay races], long jump, high jump, shot put, most common throwing like weight, javelin, discus are the most common events of sports week.[18][19][20]


KPC publishes a magazine annually named Protyasha (Bengali: প্রত্যাশা). Protyasha means expectations in Bengali. The students of KPC publish Wall Magazines under the guidance of the teachers to celebrate various occasions such as 1st Baishakh(Bengali New Year), the Independence Day, the Victory Day, International Mother Language and other significant Day for the Bengali and Bangladesh.[17]


Uniform of the students of KPC

Epaulettes are compulsory for all students of KPC.[21] The epaulettes of grades 3–6 and grades 7–12 are 1.25-inch and 1.50-inch wide respectively.

Silver Jubilee[edit]

20 January 2012 was the silver jubilee of Khulna Public College.[15][22] The ex-students and the present students of that time of KPC got together for celebrating that historical moment.

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