Khunsari language

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Native to Iran
Native speakers
21,000 (2000)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 kfm
Glottolog khun1255[2]

Khunsari dialect is a Central dialect within the South Median branch of Northwestern Iranian languages, spoken in Khansar, a town in the west of Isfahan Province of Iran. Some of the oldest isoglosses include the development of Aryan palatals to fricatives: OIr. *dz > z: mossar “big”, kissar “small”, heze “yesterday”, zun- “know”, zumā “son-in-law” (but yešt “ugly” < SW *a-dushta-, cf. NPers. zesht < NW *a-zushta- “ungeliebt”); *tsw > sp: isba, espa “dog” (< Median spaka-), espid “white”, ešpiž “louse”.


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