Khurasan University

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Khurasan University
خراسان پوهنتون
Khurasan University Emblem.jpg
Khurasan University Emblem
Type Private
Established 2006
President Ahmad Tariq Kamal
Academic staff
Munir Khan, Kamran Ahmad, Professor Zalmay, Nijad Ahmad, Fazalullah Mohmand
Location Jalalabad, Afghanistan
Colors Blue
Nickname KU
Affiliations Ministry of Higher Education Afghanistan

Khurasan University (Pashto: خراسان پوهنتون‎) is a private university based in Jalalabad, Afghanistan.[1] It was founded in 2006 and registered as a private university in 2007. It offers bachelors and diploma programs in Business Administration, English Language, and Information Technology and graduation degree in five disciplines: Business Administration (Bachelors + Masters), Computer Sciences (Bachelor), Engineering (Bachelor), Journalism and Mass Communication (Bachelor) and English Literature (Bachelor).

Faculty of Management Sciences[edit]

Upon its establishment in 2006, Khurasan University offered degrees only in economics, but now this faculty has separate departments which offer Master of Business Administration (MBA), Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), and the economics degree.

More than 20 faculty members who are highly professional and foreign qualified teachers educate students to national and international standards.

This faculty has graduated 440 students, 428 male and 12 female, in four batches. These graduates are now busy in the rebuilding of their mother land, Afghanistan, while working in the corporate as well the development sector of the country. Some of them are pursuing higher studies abroad.

Most students choose KU to pursue a degree in economics, as features include

  • internationally Recognized Degree
  • highly professional and experienced teaching staff
  • huge library with thousands of books
  • free and speedy internet facility
  • cooperative staff
  • friendly environment
  • Wider campus consisting of garden, car-parking, cricket and volleyball grounds and Mosques

There are separate common rooms for the female students where they can stay after and before c;asses in full cultural and religious harmony.

Faculty of Engineering[edit]

Faculty of Engineering, Khurasan University was established in the year 1388 while offering graduate degree in the field of engineering. The degree is recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education of Afghanistan.

Faculty of Computer Sciences[edit]

The Faculty of Computer Science offers a wide range of courses at various levels. The purpose of these courses is to provide opportunities for advanced studies and research in the field of Computer Science and information Technology and related fields, and also to produce highly skilled computer personnel to cater the need of Computer professionals in the country and abroad. The Department maintains high standard of education through continuous assessment and with periodic tests, quizzes, seminars and field projects. The Department maintains close link with professional organizations at national and international levels, to enhance professional and academic standard of the faculty and as well as of the students

Faculty of Journalism & Mass Communication[edit]

The scope of media sector in Afghanistan has escalated during last one decade. There are hundreds of news organizations wherein thousands of journalists working for disseminating news to the audience across the country. Media play a vital role in educating and informing masses. Its role is not confined only to make the voice of voiceless reached to the authorities but it gives precious suggestions to the government for assuring good governance in the country but unfortunately due lack of proper training and education in field of journalism the majority of media folks are unaware of modern techniques and innovations in their field hence they are unable to play the role which media is expected for. As Afghanistan does not have a powerful news organization that can compete with international news organizations and that can represent Afghanistan on international level, so the world know Afghanistan only for the reasons which are propagated by foreign media. Due to this negative propagation the world only know Afghanistan on security perspective but there is need for a news organization and media professionals that can portray the positive side of Afghans that is peace loving, rich with traditional values and cultures, number of festivals, different tribes, languages and seasons. With aim to provide well qualified individuals to the media sector, Khurasan University took initiative for establishing a separate faculty for Journalism & Mass Communications in the year 2014. More than hundred students are pursuing their graduation in journalism & Mass Communications in the varsity. The teaching staff is highly qualified and having rich background in journalism profession. They are teaching students about the basic principles and modern techniques in the field of print, electronic and digital media.

International partners[edit]

Khurasan University has joint programs with Atatürk University Turkey, Hatit University of Turkey, the Islamic International University of Pakistan, Delta International University of the United States, the Institute of Management Canada and PUTRA University of Malaysia. KU has membership of the Eurasian Silk Road Universities Consortium (ESRUC) led by Atatürk University Turkey with 49 other universities of the world.

National partners[edit]

KU has collaboration programs with Nengrahar University Afghanistan that include orientation programs for teachers and students of Nengrahar University in Economics, joint exchange visits, organizing capacity building workshops and joint training.

Khurasan University Students[edit]

The Ministry of Higher Education of Afghanistan promoted KU for initiating a postgraduation program. Khurasan University was dexterous for initiating master's degree Program and hence it was enlisted with few other universities of Afghanistan which award master's degree in the discipline of Business Administration (MBA).

Khurasan University Students’ Societies[edit]

Khurasan University students' societies include the following.

Literary Society[edit]

KU has a literary society composed of students who have closer association with Pashto, Darri and other literatures. The society organizes literary program in which students present their poems and other literary stuff

Tourism Society[edit]

KU have a tourism society, which makes arrangements for study as well as tourism tours across the country. Students do study tours to different organizations, places and site scenes

Sports Society[edit]

Khurasan University has an active sports society wherein students participate in different sports including volleyball, cricket, football and badminton. KU has separate teams in these sports and KU sports teams participating in the tournaments on the local as well as national level.

Students Re-Union Club/ KU Alumni Association[edit]

Hundreds of students have graduated from Khurasan University and now work in national and international organizations. The Students Re-Union Club or KU Alumni Association makes arrangements for the re-unions of those graduates. Close buddies now apart from each other get together occasionally to recall memories of their stay in Khurasan University.

Khurasan University (KU) Campus Radio[edit]

Khurasan University (KU) Campus Radio - a webcast radio is the first of its kind in Afghanistan was established in 2015 by Department of Journalism & Mass Communication of KU with the aim to train and educate students in the field of Broadcast Journalism. This radio content is solely produced by students under the directions of department administration.

Currently[when?] students are undertaking 30 minute long fortnightly radio magazine programs namely “Khurasan University Campus Radio Magazine” in which varieties of radio programs are being broadcast. These programs included, news reports, feature reports, Health, Education and Sports Roundups. Besides, three special programs namely Da Nengarhar Storri (Star of Nengarhar), Adabi Baheer (Literature World) and Da Tareekh Panrra (A Page from the History) are also included in the radio magazine program.


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