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Other transcription(s)
 • Arabic كرزه
 • Also spelled Kharsa (official)
Khursa is located in the Palestinian territories
Location of Khursa within the Palestinian territories
Coordinates: 31°26′25.31″N 34°59′56.62″E / 31.4403639°N 34.9990611°E / 31.4403639; 34.9990611Coordinates: 31°26′25.31″N 34°59′56.62″E / 31.4403639°N 34.9990611°E / 31.4403639; 34.9990611
Governorate Hebron
 • Type Village council
Population (2007)
 • Jurisdiction 3,440

Khursa (Arabic: كرزه‎‎) is a Palestinian village located seven kilometers south-west of Hebron. The village is in the Hebron Governorate Southern West Bank. According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, the village had a population of 3,440 in 2007.[1] The primary health care facilities for the village are designated by the Ministry of Health as level 2.[2]


According to Palmer, the name Khirbet Kurza means "the ruin of kurza", a pine cone.[3]


In 1883, the Palestine Exploration Fund's Survey of Western Palestine found here "walls, caves, a well, and a vault, probably a cistern. There were several cisterns and a sacred place to the west. Some of the ruins appear to be modern, some ancient."[4]


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