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"Khuy Voyne" (also transliterated Huy Voynye, etc.; Russian: Хуй войне!, pronounced [ˈxuj vɐjˈnʲe], English translation: "Fuck war" or "Dick to the war") is a phrase developed by former t.A.T.u. producer Ivan Shapovalov during the girls' promotional tour in the USA in early 2003.

The slogan debuted on February 25, 2003. The women mocked NBC insistence that they neither kiss not comment on the Iraq war by performing "All the Things She Said" from their first English album "200 km/h in the Wrong Lane" in white T-shirts that bore the slogan across the front, and by blocking their faces with their hands as they kissed during a break in their performance. The stunt prompted the NBC network to ban t.A.T.u. from any future performance, but it also helped their international record sales.[1][2]

The girls wore plain T-shirts with the slogan on it, and when their shirts were banned for the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show and therefore replaced with the ones that said "Censored", they wrote it on Jimmy Kimmel's hand.[3] The girls also wore the shirts to TRL.

The documentary Anatomy of t.A.T.u. states that when the slogan was being created, Shapovalov said that it is a Russian slang way to say "No to War" (Нет войне!), however the slang translations may vary to "Dick to War" (word-by-word) or a creative way of saying "Fuck War".

Fans in Russia wore their own versions of the shirts at performances. But when shown on Russian TV, the shirts were edited with an extra stroke through the letter Х to say Жуй войне! literally "Chew to the War!".[citation needed]