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Khawaja or khwaja is an honorific title used across the Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia and Central Asia, particularly towards Sufi teachers. The word comes from the Iranian word khwāja (New Persian khāje خواجه) and translates as "master", "lord". The spellings hodja or hoca (Turkish), খাজা (Khaja) (Bengali), hodža (Bosnian), hoxha (Albanian), hodža (Serbian), hotzakis (Greek), hogea (Romanian), koja (Javanese)[1] and al-khawaja[2] are also used. The name is also used in Egypt to indicate a person with a foreign nationality or foreign heritage.

People using the name[edit]


In the historical order where possible:


See also[edit]

  • Khwajagan, a chain of Central Asian Naqshbandi Sufi Masters from the 10th to the 16th century
  • Khoja (Turkestan), a title of the descendants of the Central Asian Naqshbandi Sufi teacher, Ahmad Kasani
  • Hoca, Turkish spelling of Khawaja
  • Hoxha, Albanian surname
  • Hodžić, Bosniak surname


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