Khwaju Kermani tomb

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Khwaju Kermani tomb

Khaju tomb is located in north of Shiraz, on the hillside Sabooy and Road Shiraz - Isfahan in a narrow Allahu Akbar Gorge. His grave overlooks the Qur'an Gate. Roknabad famous spring water also passes near the tomb Khaju.[1] The tomb was built with the Funding Department of Culture of fars in 1315 Solar.[2] Tomb is located in Enclosure without roof.Its headstone is in the middle of the platform that its above is convex and has a bulge.there is not any Inscription that represent the Khaju grave.Only on stone is written this sentence کل من علیها فان و یبقی وجه ربک ذوالجلال و الاکرام .[3][4]


Coordinates: 29°38′10″N 52°33′42″E / 29.6360°N 52.5617°E / 29.6360; 52.5617