Khyargas Nuur

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Khyargas Lake
Khyargas-Nuur lake, Uvs aimag, Mongolia.JPG
Khyargas Lake south-east shore
Khyargas Lake is located in Mongolia
Khyargas Lake
Khyargas Lake
Khyargas Nuur and Airag Nuur lakes, Mongolia, Landsat image, 07-28-2015.jpg
A satellite image of Lake Khyargas taken from Landsat-7. Smaller lake south of the Khyargas Lake is Airag Lake.
Location Khyargas district, Uvs Province
Coordinates 49°08′N 93°25′E / 49.133°N 93.417°E / 49.133; 93.417Coordinates: 49°08′N 93°25′E / 49.133°N 93.417°E / 49.133; 93.417
Type Endorheic
Primary inflows Zavkhan River via Airag Nuur
Primary outflows no
Basin countries Mongolia
Max. length 75 km (47 mi)
Max. width 31 km (19 mi)
Surface area 1,407 km2 (543 sq mi)
Average depth 47 m (154 ft)
Max. depth 80 m (260 ft)
Water volume 66.034 km3 (53,535,000 acre⋅ft)
Residence time 54.2 years
Surface elevation 1,028.5 m (3,374 ft)
Islands one unnamed
Settlements no

Khyargas Lake (Mongolian: Хяргас нуур, Hĭargas núr) is a salt lake in Khyargas district, Uvs Province, Western Mongolia.

Some sources are using different Khyargas Lake statistics values:[1]

  • Water level: 1,035.29 m
  • Surface area: 1,481.1 km²
  • Average depth: 50.7 m
  • Volume: 75.2 km³.
Water balance of Khyargas Lake[1]
(Unit of water balance: mm/year)
Surface input Surface output Groundwater
, years
Precipitation Inflow Evaporation Outflow
55.9 652.4 937.1 0 +228.8 54.2

The Khyargas Lake National Park is based on the lake. This protected area was established in 2000 and covers about 3,328 km². It also includes a freshwater Airag Lake.[2][3]


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