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The Khyber Arts Society operates the Khyber Centre for the Arts, an art gallery and social space formerly located in a Historical Property owned by the Halifax Regional Municipality at 1588 Barrington Street (known as "The Khyber") in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia. Since spring of 2014 it is located at 5521 Cornwallis Street.


In 1994, The Khyber was established as an arts facility by a group of artists[1] previously known as the No Money Down Cultural Society[2]

In March 1995, the Khyber Arts Society was established.[1]

In 1997, the Society signed a lease to occupy the Khyber Building.[3]

In 1998, the Khyber Club opened as a meeting place for visual artists and as an important venue for Halifax's emerging music scene[2] including acts by now well established Canadian recording artists Joel Plaskett, Jenn Grant, Old Man Luedecke and Buck 65.

Sobey Art Award nominee, Emily Vey Duke, was Artistic Director for the Society in 2004.

April 2014, the organization was temporarily relocated to 5521 Cornwallis St (where it currently resides) while the Khyber building undergoes major renovations. The group is expected to remain out of the building for up to 3 years.


The Khyber Arts Society is a non-profit, artist-run centre. It holds art exhibitions, concerts, artist lectures, panel discussions, performances and offers art classes to youth.

Charitable Status[edit]

The Khyber Arts Society is a registered Canadian charitable organization.


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