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KiMs logo.png
Product type Potato crisps, Snacks
Owner Orkla Group
Country Denmark
Markets Northern Europe, United States, Baltics
Registered as a trademark in 1961

KiMs is a brand of chips and snacks, owned by the Orkla Group.

The brand "KiM" was trademarked in 1961 by Odense Marcipanfabrik (a marzipan factory) in Denmark, but as a German cigarette brand of this name already existed, the name was changed to "KiMs" in 1965. In 1990 the owning company was sold to Nora Industrier, and the KiMs division was made into a stock company. The year after, KiMs became part of the Norwegian Orkla Group when Nora and Orkla merged. In 2013 KiMs No became a part of Orkla Confectionery & Snacks NO, and KiMs DK became a part of Orkla Confectionery & Snacks DK.

Products include ordinary chips with either salt, salt and pepper or paprika seasonings, KiMs Minimal with less fat and either sea salt or paprika seasoning, KiMs Delivio made with olive oil and salt, sea salt and pepper or red and green paprika seasonings, KiMs Chips O'Hoi with sea salt and KiMs Mexican Fiesta. KiMs also manufactures two types of tortilla chips branded as KiMs Mexos with either salt or cheese seasoning as well as a number of other snacks including popcorn, bacon chips, french fries and potato sticks. Dip is available in mexos, guacamole, holiday, tortilla, tzatziki and garlic flavours.