Ki Kore Bojhabo Tomake

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Ki Kore Bojhabo Tomake
Directed by Chaya Singh
Produced by Theatrical Definitions
Written by Arif Riaz
Starring Arjun Chakraborty
Chaya Singh
Tanveer Khan
Joy Badlani
Music by Ashok Bhadra
Cinematography Thomas Xaviier
Edited by Susmit Mondal
Release date
  • 13 April 2012 (2012-04-13)
Country India
Language Bengali

Ki Kore Bojhabo...Tomake is a Bengali romantic thriller film directed by Chaya Singh.[1] It stars Arjun Chakraborty, Chaya Singh, Tanveer Khan, Riwk, Payal and Jai Badlani. The film produced under the banner of Theatrical Definitions premiered on 13 April 2012.


Vikram (Tanveer), a poor guy falls in love with Sapna (Chaya Singh) seeing her innocence, her humanity and her charisma but hell breaks loose on him when he comes to know of her marriage. The first impulse is wrath, hatred and accusations of being cheated but then love overpowers everything and he goes on to love her even more.[2] Vikram comes to know of Sapna’s poor and deplorable state and also her miserable condition, all thanks to her mentally sick and physically handicapped husband Bissonath (Arjun Chakraborty) who has reached this state following an accident. Bissonath also has a sister called Aparna (Payal Karak) whom he loves very much and she too has a boyfriend Uday (Riwk). Both Bissonath and Aparna leave no opportunity to disgrace and insult Sapna. Now Vikram’s only aim in life is to take Sapna out of that hell and bring to her life all the happiness in the world. But then, are things as simple as they appear or there is something very ugly behind all this? Will Vikram be able to achieve his goal? And what fate are each of them going to see? What should be the outcome of everything?[3]



The music of the film is composed by Ashok Bhadra and the lyrics are written by Usman Ghani. The music was released by VENUS on 4 April 2012. Here is a list of the songs in the film.

Song Title Singers
"Tumi Aamar Nisshashe" Kumar Sanu, June Banerjee
"Premeri Tuli Te" Rabi Chowdhary, Reema Nathial
"Tumi Je Aamari" Javed Ali
"Kaal Ki Hobey Keu Jaane Na" Rabi Chowdhary, June Banerjee
"Nesha Nesha Phagune" Som Chanda
"Nesha Nesha Phagune Version 2" Reema Nathial