Kianoush Ayari

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Kianoush Ayari
Kianoosh Ayari 1.jpg
Kianoush Ayari in the 8th celebration of Iran Society of Film Critics and Writers
Born (1951-05-14) May 14, 1951 (age 67)
Ahvaz, Iran
ResidenceTehran, Iran
OccupationDirector, writer
Years active1970–present

Kianoush Ayari (Persian: کیانوش عیاری, born May 14, 1951) is an Iranian writer and director.[1] He is famous for his realistic style and unique stories like heart transplantation in his movie Boodan yaa naboodan or fate of a teacher after the horrible Bam earthquake in Bidar show, Arezoo!.

Life and career[edit]

He was born in the city of Ahvaz, southwest of Iran. Ayari started his cinematic career by making 8mm short films.[2] His first professional movie was Tanooreyeh Div. His movie Abadani-ha won the Silver Leopard for the best Movie at Locarno Film Festival in 1994.[3] His most controversial movie The Paternal House[4] was screened at 69th Venice Film Festival but yet to be screened publicly in Iran as of december 2016 but was screened at a few cinemas in United States of America.[5][6] Mehdi Hashemi, one of the best actors of Iranian theatre and cinema has played the main actor role in his movies for the last two decades, including: Thousand Eyes (TV Series), Roozegar-e Gharib (TV Series), The Paternal House and his latest movie Kanape'.

Personal life[edit]

His brother Dariush Ayari is a cinematographer. They collaborated in Thousand Eyes (TV Series), Roozegar-e Gharib (TV Series) and The Paternal House.



  • Taze-nafas-ha (1979)
  • Tanooreyeh Div (1985)
  • Shabah-e kazhdom (1986)
  • Rooz-e bashokooh (1988)
  • Ansuyeh Atash (1990)
  • Do nime-ye sib (1991)
  • Abadani-Ha (1993)
  • Shakh-e gav (1995)
  • Boodan yaa naboodan (1998)
  • Sofreh Irani (2002)
  • Bidar show, Arezoo! (2004)
  • The Paternal House (2012)
  • Canape' (2016)

TV Series[edit]


Here is a list of awards received by Kianoush Ayari in film festivals:[7][8]

Year Festival Award Nominated Work Result
1985 4th Fajr Film Festival Best Director Tanooreyeh Div Won
1987 6th Fajr Film Festival Best Director Ansuyeh Atash Won
1994 Locarno International Film Festival Silver Leopard Abadani-Ha Won
1994 Nantes Three Continents Festival Golden Montgolfiere Abadani-Ha Nominated
1998 Cairo International Film Festival Best Screenplay Boodan yaa naboodan Won
1998 Cairo International Film Festival Golden Pyramid Boodan yaa naboodan Nominated
2002 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival Crystal Globe Sofreh Irani Nominated
2004 23rd Fajr Film Festival Best Director Bidar show, Arezoo! Won
2004 23rd Fajr Film Festival Best Art Achievement Bidar show, Arezoo! Won
2012 Venice Film Festival Venice Horizons Award The Paternal House Nominated

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