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Kiasma is located in Helsinki (mainland)
The location of the museum in Helsinki

1990 (1990) (Museum of Contemporary Art)

1998 (1998) (opening of Kiasma building)
Location Helsinki, Finland
Coordinates 60°10′18″N 24°56′13″E / 60.17167°N 24.93694°E / 60.17167; 24.93694
Type Art museum
Collections Contemporary art
Visitors 165,715 (2013)
Director Pirkko Siitari
Owner Finnish National Gallery

Kiasma is a contemporary art museum located on Mannerheimintie in Helsinki, Finland. Its name kiasma, Finnish for chiasma, alludes to the basic conceptual idea of its architect, Steven Holl. The museum exhibits the contemporary art collection of the Finnish National Gallery founded in 1990. Its central goal is to make contemporary art better known and strengthen its status.


An architectural design competition to design a contemporary arts museum in Helsinki was held in 1992. The competition was meant for architects from the Nordic and Baltic countries. Five internationally renowned architects participated among whom there was only one US citizen. In 1993 the work Chiasma by the American architect Steven Holl was selected from the 516 competitors. The construction of the disputed[by whom?] and controversial[citation needed] Kiasma started in 1996. The museum opened in May 1998.[1]

The museum attracted 160,000–180,000 visitors per year in 2011–2013.[2]

Kiasma was closed for repairs in September 2014 and reopened in the Spring 2015.[1]

The collection[edit]

The collections include works by over 4.000 artists, like: Ahonen, Reetta, Aiha, Martti, Aken, Jan van, Andersson, Anders Gustaf, Antonio Rotta, Baron, Bernard, Baumgartner, Stig, Cornelis Bega, Nicolas Berchem, Honoré Daumier, Karel Dujardin, Nunzio Gulino, Torger Enckell, Aarne Jämsä, Ismo Kajander, Raimo Kanerva, Risto Laakkonen, etc.

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